The year of the full harvest was here again, at the time of the locust where things were in abundance. Lador with his sweat filled face wiped his brow and thought of how hard he lives to survive, his veins shot out of his skin in the morning sun as he cleared the bush of its harvests, filled his truck and made his way to the market place. He passed by and people stared at him with amazement, he knew what went on in their minds.

It was no news that Lador was a painter, a carpenter, a farmer, a plumber and every other thing you can possibly think of, but to say Lador is now a woman, ( for only women in the village sells foodstuffs) bearing forth foodstuffs to the market place was one thing the villagers could not comprehend.

Now let’s take the ‘YOU-turn’

In today’s world, the expression ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ holds true but with a slim chance. Why? To achieve in this present society requires being a jack of all trade and possibly a master of at least one.

Who is a ‘freelancer?’

The lawyer and the artist, the carpenter and the footballer, the student with multiple talents of singing, dancing and sports, the woman who can bake and sew….

The freelancer rolls everyway he is turned on, he is one with  proficiency in different skills, not because he wants to be so busy but because he finds himself capable of doin more than one thing which can make him to soar high.

Consider how a marketer sells his goods, a freelancer knows his onions too. But ‘freelancer’ in Nigeria today has taken a different turn. While some people have time, energy, skills and knowledge to do certain things, they may not necessarily be outstanding in all, (that’s if they even have the talent in any) if at all they are, let’s say one.

Also, some have no apparent direction, just swinging on a pole, darting here and there doing different things…( Its like this case – you remember when a person struggles to go overseas only to find himself washing corpse and doin all sorts of menial activity) Why waste your time? And in their minds, they too are busy, busy as a fool, suffering and loosing energies.

Now let’s pull the plug on this!

– Discover your enterprise and start it! Education is never enough. You know how things go here.

– You can accumulate a variety of only USEFUL skills to support a personal and goal-oriented objective(s).

– You can use your talent(s) ONLY to reach an objective. Don’t do everything just because you can or that you want to stay busy and make money at all cost… That has no sense of direction at all, the ditch won’t be far from you.

– Develop your dream, prioritize things and skills to acquire MEANINGFULLY. Add up supportive interests/skills and make yourself outstanding in your most possible strength.

– Multiple talents? Develop, build the strongest first. Gain grounds in it and move to the next supportive talent.

Focus- will/effort- energy- perseverance-sucess.

Don’t be a dumb freelancer…

Have a joyous week.

Enny Cole.


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