# 21st  CENTURY- THIS is a collection of the life happenings of the Nigerian society in a natural and somewhat raw form, note that it appears in no particular order.


WE all know that everyone loves the good life, I mean who wouldn’t want to have the finest of things that life has to offer, even when we don’t deserve or need it, we still want to have it all.

Today is the 29th of November 2013, people are about their daily activities, the hustle and bustle of the Nigerian life, the nudge in the market place, the toes stepped upon on the walkway, the tight buttocks that squeezes themselves on a ‘thin slate’ called wood, the shouts and the cry of “ give me my change” the beckoning hands for food, the ugly and fine apparel that dance across the streets and of course, the busy road that swims around with a swarm of colorful bees.


This is 21st century, welcome to it! Where there are giants birds called cars flying the highway. Some ‘steal’ to get in the line, others work for the money to buy a car( whether it is pure or not, I cannot tell but then what exactly is pure in these days?) and on one side the girls wait for them to bring the car.

Big men with pot bellied pouches, young lads with hanging straws on blackened lips, lips that girls will kiss. A kiss will give you 10naira 50kobo, a hug will buy you chicken and chips, to be laid will bring you coloured papers and to have a CAR is the green light ticket!

I saw them most nights and every other nights, even during the day. Flash a car and we are good to go, buy a drink and you take the roll. He walked up to Stacy the other day hoping to please her with his car, she ignored him and strolled on, he wouldn’t bulge for he kept horning and calling out. Finally, he gave up and zoomed off.  Right behind the bend that leads to HIGH street, a lady ( is she a lady or a girl? She can’t be more than a eighteen, but then what difference does it tell. ) was just taken into a car and it zoomed off into the night.( where are they headed? I was told… to a club! What’s that suppose to mean? I do not know). I can hear music blaring afar and noises, they rounded up to a six. ( isn’t that a complete set? A guy each to a lady, perhaps, that one brought his friend and she brought hers too).

I remember Mrs Nweze’s son  bought his father a car and everyone wished they had one too. We are tired of dragging our feet and waiting endlessly on the long queue! Enough of the bumpy rides and incessant fights.  The road is far too busy for such rides; it needs the comfort of a car. We can’t remember our bicycle days any longer, who wants to go back there?

I look through again to see…. right in the room, shouts of a thousand over a few heading for their boom! And yes! He is coming with his car….!  You can come along too.

Oh no! He doesn’t have the paper and =even the car! She says she doesn’t follow such and I wondered….

What’s with the the trick of guys flashing their cars just to get the girls IN?

And what’s with the girls looking towards the arrival of a man with a car?

Perhaps, it shows a certain significance and attachment to a most notable cause. ( My man is rich and he can provide for me or let’s say for the poor girl….. My man must be rich and be able to provide for me.

Is he your father?  He is your buyer!

He can provide all I need… attachment to a most notable cause indeed!

A cause that may end in doom.



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