If you rest, you rust!

snippet Stories On Sundays.


Two boys strolled along the bush playfully both swinging their hands in the air singing a familiar tune.  They decided to play, this time they chose pulling the ropes, the other children were there carrying their pots and they stopped to watch, the two boys picked their teams and the game began.  The first boy pulled the rope wanting to succumb to the other boy but then he pulled with all his might and was back on track again. During the course of the game, he glanced across the road thinking he saw his mother and that quickly satisfying his curiosity will buy him enough time before his friend and his team recovers from their fall but in a split second, he was sprawling on the floor with his team.


Let’s get practical with this:

Consider one of the boy as the physical you and his friend as the conflicting forces of life that affects you either positively or otherwise.

Take the team as your friends and family and any other tie that you can think of.

Then take the rope as the things you contend with in life, that future that you seek, that thing you are presently aiming for, that dream, that purpose.

Now what picture does it paint?

This seems to always struck me:   ‘A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest.

So shall your poverty come like a prowler and your need like an armed man’  (provs 24;33)

IF YOU REST, YOU WILL RUST! Why? The boy rested and fell out.

The journey of a thousand mile starts with a step and it doesn’t require you to rest along the way amidst the road bumps and highways.

You are not yet where you ought to be so you cannot afford to rest or you get into trouble. Beyond your present turmoil, there is a place of rest and beyond that, there’s even a better place.

So it is not the time to relax but to finish your race.

Life goes thus for the paths to choose: from crawling—standing—walking—running—flying.

Remember not to rust!

Have a great week.



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