Owing to my very busy school state at the moment, ( just fortunate to be online you know) i’ll like to just drop this by for your consumption, some of us have seen it before but others haven’t, so why not pass around, learn a thing or two and have a good laugh. thanks.


This is just something I will always like to share because it amuses me whenever I remember, wait till you read it.  

Sometimes back, I went out with my big sister and my bro…the knucklehead Kola Cole to Ozone, ( was it ozone or palms? ) you know, those moments when you just hang out and have fun and all that. As usual, we wanted to eat and everyone was placing orders, I ordered for ice cream and meat-pie, a simple meal, just because I wanted to avoid using the fork and knife thingy.

You see….. I had been practicing, I wanted to master the use of the fork and knife to eat and that place wasn’t the right moment so I quietly made a simple order! To my chagrin, it wasn’t available! And I didn’t wanna eat rice, sis asked ‘would you like chicken and chips then?” and my heart sank as I thought ‘exactly what I was trying avoid. I had no choice but to agree.

We sat down to our meal, Kola had rice and didn’t even mind using his hand to pull the chicken such that it cried for help from the oil that beautify his lips like lip-gloss, big sis had rice as well and me? I was left to my fate. I started eating slowly, pulling out the chicken with the fork little by little, I also watched as big sis skillfully used the fork and the knife, cutting the chicken into pieces in such masterly way and grand style as if she was waging war with it and I marveled.

I decided to test myself again, I picked out the fork and the knife, the fork as on the right and the knife on the left, then I remembered the other day at KFC that the reverse was supposed to be the case and watching big sis eat confirmed it, so I switched the fork to the left and the knife to the right and worked my way carefully through the meal.

The point is…with everyday changing society, one cannot but try meet up to standards or one fades, so why shouldn’t I master the art of using the cutlery? Do you remember daddy Adeboye who failed his test interview conducted by a white man just because he couldn’t observe simple table manners? He was dipping his bread in the tea and answering questions with his mouth full!

And for a while or sometime, I was highly embarrassed with what happened afterwards when I was having my meal, though it amuses me now, am glad I was able to rise from my mistakes and move on, I have succeeded in the mastery and tested it too and it has given me great pleasure! *winks!  Well, as I was saying, It happened that I must have lost concentration or forgotten where I was that as I continued to struggle to use the fork and knife to cut the chicken……..

Lo and behold…… the plate had gotten tired of moving and boring the hits of the fork and knife, the chicken must have gotten frustrated too because it slipped off the plate unto my laps! I immediately took it and place it on the plate in terror. Now tell me why you won’t like the conventional method of just the spoon and the plate or better still, with your hands! WINKS!


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