Snippet stories on Sundays: Something About Dreams.

John stared far off the road where the young boys gathered round Usman in his big fancy car. Even the girls sought for his attention. ‘ Dont you all have something better to do?’ John shouted when he saw the boys clamor for the naira flung in the air.

The truth was that he was frustrated and jealous. His eyes met his torn slippers, angrily he picked it up, threw it in the air and storm into his room. He searched for his old book and what he saw in it scared him. Didn’t he say he was going to start acting on his goals two months ago?

And he wished he could get the financier, oh how he wished he could buy that dream house for his mother, yet he wished his father would help him source for funds and above all…he wished he could throw off money like Usman.

To be or not to be.
This is a matter of choice.
And we have heard it over and over again.

Dreams are more than sleep and are conceived long before they manifest
It is never enough to wish, action speaks louder than words.
If your dreams does not scare you then it is not worth the stress.
People who dare to dream, dare to believe and achieve

Stop wishing and whining.

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Enny Cole.


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