Just another thought of mine…..

Well, well, look what we have here……. This came to me when I looked around me and I realize how the world rotates everyday with changes, I discovered that it’s all about stages, steps, one after the other, a baby starts from crawling to walking and then to running. One cannot move faster than one’s shadow, also, we don’t know the actual plan of this world for us but everyone strive for the best, at least those who have the sense to and on this race, striving for the best means a whole lot of hard work and determination.

However this world we are in is a strenuous one involving lots of stages to reach one’s goals, lots of hills to climb to get to the top. Lots of bridge to cross to get on the other bright side we want, lots of roads to pass to reach ones destination and lots of lots of things. But in all….. we all still wish it’s a lot easier, better and faster….

Let’s take a short road map, She grows up, get to that stage where she wanna be successful and then marriage! Gbam! For the men, it’s the same matter, he grows, wanna be successful and then……. Marriage!

The point is…..everyone wanna be successful but there’s a thin-thick line between what makes a successful man and what makes a successful woman. The society now decides this for us, once a woman reaches the age of 32 and have no man to call husband, it’s a total disaster, there is no two way to it no matter the education unless she’s an alien or better still the madams like Oprah Wilfrey.

Even to be like that must involve some kind of carnality or something. Why? Because there’s this special attraction and force that says a man and woman must come together, that’s why even the ugliest man/woman would get his/her partner.    For the man, if by 32, he ain’t in it or striving to be, I mean successful, it means he isn’t fulfilled because a man is called to head, unless of course he has a ‘thorn’ in his head( trust me,there are different kinds)there is no two way to this also.

The cycle is the period where society demands from us our call, reasons for our birth, it is the period when your creator watches you grow. And the cycle is the same everywhere ( for the godheads, cos some people exist not to live) with different styles.  The cycle is grow up, go to school, be this be that, set time for this and that and then life calls us up and says brother u can’t have this at this time and then we break down and try to get back on the cycle, and when life drags and pull us hard, we THINK…….. life continues for those who il allow it.

And it comes with the pressure point, for some, its to get off totally from the surface of the earth( oops!) others its higher pay at work so need to work harder before Mr shols becomes the MD before you do, you need to get married cos mama is getting old and worried, you need to escape all the troubles in your life, others you need to find a job or your family is toast, pressures at every turn.

And I digress but still on it  (Hmmm!)
Do you know that at some point in time in a girl’s life, she thinks of marriage and family? But being successful is the role play , I think the same goes for the guys…. But with the society we are in……a cross section of some female friends do wanna be successful before marriage hits!

‘yea, I think of marriage( even though aint getting married now till the next 5years), I wanna be super-sucessful before that, to know have achieved what I need to achieve…… <>>  I know how my home will be, have already pictured it in my head’

Another says….’when I was 16, I had the mind of getting married at 23, but now, don’t think that can happen, its not even on my to-do list. Maybe in 3-5yrs time. <<>> ‘maybe I feel there are better commitments for now, yes I wanna be successful and part of my success story is to let marriage happen within 3-5 yrs’

Read more… ‘since am human, <> I wish to be happy, satisfied and FULFILLED ,> and of course the thought about owing a happy home is that which I must enjoy fulfilling…. I don’t have to wait as long as my age to become a fulfilled woman….’<> ;anticipating but patient, a, still in the oven’ <.

…..the lawyer babe said’ my purpose is to be successful in all and that includes marriage….am not an impatient person, I would rather have my masters and my job before anything else, am not in a haste’ <>

And that is the cycle! The pressure point comes when we don’t complete this and society reminds us so.

In whatever cycle you find yourself, manage your pressure points well with the following tips:

—   realize the root of the problem
—   find out the sources of the pressure
—   think a moment for those questions
—   plan solution(s) that can work out
—   think of the influences those    solutions may cause
—    pick the most appropriate from them
—    carry out the method
—    reflect on the way to perform the method
—    reflect the effects of the method
—    think whether the method you carry out is as ideal as expected.

So, learn to manage your pressure points as you go through the cycle in order to record great feats.

Wording it…..!
Have a great week!

It’s me.
Enny Cole.


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