In this state… THINK!


Jimi Tewe wrote in his book titled THINK that when he ask people questions and they say ‘i do not know’ with a kind of finality, he smiles because one more time, ONE MORE PERSON HAS REFUSED TO THINK! I have been on this book for over two weeks now though i bought it in September( this small , read in one day book) and i keep going back through the pages just because everything written there seems to make a lot of sense and i need to jam that sense into the inner most parts of my brain! Aha!

I am in this state where i have to ponder and reflect on a lot of things, this is year 2014,it will soon be year 2015, i must THINK! ( it is not because we are going into a new year per se, rather i am moving into the next stage of my life that demands critical thinking for my proposed successful outcomes) you see THINKING is a deliberate and conscious effort and UNLESS YOU THINK, you remain on the status quo. When i ask people, ‘what are your plans for the coming year’  and they say when the year comes, we will see how to go about it. It only shows me that person hasn’t been thinking at all or enough.

In WHATEVER STATE you are, thinking will produce thoughts and your thoughts will lead to actions. That’s not all. It is not enough to think alone, you must have a kind of RUGGED COMMITMENT and DISCIPLINE for outlined goals or your thinking will birth little or no action. If you have goals for 2015 and it is all up in your head, then it will EXIST ONLY in your head. There is POWER in outlining goals on paper; it unlocks so many success secrets and ideas unless of course you are not set out to be an achiever.
So instead of sitting down somewhere running on MAINTENANCE THOUGHTS in life and career, ( i tell you, there is no room for Maintenance come 2015 because there is no longer anything to maintain! ) WAKE UP! To THINK and ACT is a powerful tool used by great people.

Come 2015, Unleash that idea! From this time and now, THINK!
Seasons Greetings!

Enny Cole Writes



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