Damilola Fasuyi, a recent graduate of University of Lagos, Nigeria narrates her encounter in a cab she boarded while heading somewhere around Lagos State.

‘I boarded a cab going towards Igbagbo area along with some
passengers to include a man and one pregnant woman, suddenly I
noticed this pregnant woman groaning in pains and shouting. She had entered labour as they say as she was feeling very uncomfortable from the way her face contorted, an evidence of her condition. Obviously, she was on her way to the hospital and hadn’t noticed the signs earlier, the driver knew he wouldn’t make it to the woman’s hospital just along the way at Agric because there was traffic, so he told the passengers to please highlight from the cab while he got another cab to take them to their destinations which they did considering the pregnant woman.


There was this man in the cab who assured the pregnant woman that he was good at taking deliveries and offered to help her, the man begged me to stay in case he needed any assistance, he already had the materials he needed, it was like he was God sent. I was scared at first but I had faith that everything would go fine. The man asked the woman for her husband’s number and called him to ask if he could carry on and also assured him he was good at it. The husband gave him a go-ahead, who wouldn’t? seeing this woman in this kind of pain? And right there like a child’s play, he started by telling her to spread her legs while I stayed and watched, I helped to get water, a big white nylon and a new blade. He told the woman to push, to take deep breaths, in and out, then the baby started to come out, it was a wonderful experience especially since it was my first time watching something like this happen. At last, the baby came out, a boy!

The woman thanked the man and collected his number while the driver offered to take her home to her waiting husband. She also thanked me and told me she could never forget my kindness towards her and I bade her goodbye’.

ECB says : ‘…and that’s Damilola Fasuyi’s SHARE A STORY experience. Now ladies! Don’t get freaked out by this pregnancy thingy, it’s a phase and we will pass it, God willing and by his grace- em…that’s for those who want the protruded belly later. ( in whispers) general saying by native people, it is a period between life and death, so extreme care must be taken in handling such, that man that delivered that woman of her baby is a genius! (Aside) I was thinking, should it have been delivered of her baby or put to bed? I dunno. Well, men, take good care of our ladies, ( you put it in there and don’t say we asked for it.) they are your mothers and your great mothers indeed.. they need care like potted plants…. Any objections?’

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Courtesy: Snippet Stories n Xpressions.



    1. Thanks hun. Of course you do. You know people can be funny, what of something happens and one didn’t inform the husband, they may hold the man responsible, in fact I give kudos to the guy for calling the husband. Some men can be funny too.. They may not like the idea.. You know..not everyone is that much ‘liberal’


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