FROM FOUR WALLS #2. Ugly Acceptance.

Enny Four Walls2

It was a sunny day and the heat was working its way into Mide’s skin. She had serious headache as she squint her eyes trying not to bump into the thousands of feet that shuffled in and out of the cybercafé. Here she was, going back and forth concerning this thing called registration, she was not happy at all and she made no pretense about it. The University admission office had demanded for the merit list where her name appeared and it had revived her hope a bit;perhaps they will reconsider her and give back her choice department or a similar one but no, it didn’t work out. How frustrated and mentally stressed she was. They would need to pinch her with a needle or pin to fall back into reality because she wasn’t even paying attention. She stared off at the remaining students waiting in line for their papers to be checked and mumbled a prayer.

‘Olamide, you cannot stay at home again, I won’t let you!’ Mama ‘s voice echoed in her head, she was the only person fond of calling her name in full whenever she wanted to pass a critical message,everyone in the family seemed to be on her neck when she made the decision not to take this admission, she had cared less at first. Seun also had something to say, Mide had looked at her and remembered how sorrowful she looked when the second admission list came out and she couldn’t find her name and she had passed the cut off quite alright. When the third list came out, Mide had been a shoulder for her to lean on and they had both marched to the café to help her find courage to check her name online. Her joy knew no bounds when they found her name on the list. That was two years ago, she was going to 200level and Mide herself felt stuck.

She couldn’t define the feeling anymore and when they wouln’t stop banging in the words of advice, Mide finally gave in, let me do as they say, I don’t care anymore.Her thoughts rang out. But she knew that was a lie she kept selling to herself to keep it together, she wasn’t the easy type to give in to defeat, she wasn’t going to take the admission and relax. Today, the last day of the main registration, Mide found herself amongst the unregistrable candidates now becoming alien registrable candidates. Her eyes were looking tired and she felt sore from the developing cough that engulfed her body, the long distance thing wasn’t helping her condition at all, she was very tired physically and mentally. The background noise was making the headache worse, some students seemed to be excited about their alien identity and were making so much noise about it, she didn’t care, they probably accepted their fate especially with the whole admission idea into a popular school but she wasn’t here because the school was popular, that had never really occurred to her. Also, Mide knew she was hardcore, accepting this kind of fate sounded alien just like the course she was now to take.

‘I see you do not like the course’ the woman at the desk remarked, she wore a traditional but fancy skirt and blouse and she peeped directly through her glasses expecting some kind of response.

Mide nodded and wished she would not say anything further.
‘It’s a nice course, just accept it like that’ she said.

very cool for you to say, please don’t even patronize me. Mide thought as she signed her papers and left the line.
Outside the hall was hot and she embraced herself for the warmth because it had been cold while inside the hall. There were lots of jambie outside, Mide saw the girl from her centre, she heard the girl lost her admission because she was not yet 16 years old as required even though admidst tears,she had told them she would be 16 by October or so. Mide wondered if she never knew about the age requirement and pitied her. She is 15, she could come back next year for her supposed course. Moreover, most of the guys at her centre including the girl didn’t get their course of choice, alien candidates. Mide also remembered how the girl spoke phonetics and marveled at her consistency, the girls at the centre used to think she was forming, but that was because she was always excessive about the whole speaking thing. The girl thought Mide was a threat and Mide herself thought she was ridiculous. She battled with her during solving questions in English, Mide never had the time convincing her or the class that she was right with the answer as far as she could prove it, she was always daunting, the class knew whose side they would buy.

‘Hey! What’s up Mide?’ Jimi walked towards her, he had been at the centre. He was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans, she could see his inner singlet, he wore a smile on his face and put his right arm round her shoulder.

‘I’m fine, (hell no! she wasn’t.) so you are cool with it’ she asked, stating the obvious.

‘ What can I do? Am in, am in’ he replied

Mide noddd as if to support his point but what she felt was like tapping his head, it was probably not sitting right. By now, John had joined them, he was also from the centre.

‘I so hate this!’ Mide exclaimed.
‘Well? After all the stress, have registered sha but I don’t think am staying’ John chipped in.

‘What do you mean?’

‘I will take another JAMB next year but for another school while I while away time here’

Hmm, this one has brain and knows what he wants, Mide thought as she bade them goodbye and hurried home.

The following day was a Friday and it had rained a little. Mide was in school again but had little time to spend. She had to be somewhere else by 12noon. She headed to the departmental office to continue registration and passed by the slim elderly clerk’s office who thought she had had children and her education was late because she was heavily dressed in native attire, it made her look way older than her age. She knocked on the brown coloured down and entered the office. She greeted the plump secretary who looked uninterested in whatever she came for.

Mide coughed and the secretary looked up, irritated. Mide scorned her, you have never had a cough before abi, she thought.

‘Yes? What do you want? She asked sternly.

‘Please, I’ll like to see my course adviser’ ( whatever that is, she thought) Mide replied, trying to sound calm.

‘Who is your course adviser?’
Mide didn’t know, she cared less to, the secretary was getting on her nerves.

‘I don’t’ know’ she said blatantly.
‘So you don’t know your course adviser?’ one fair woman in the office responded.

How am I supposed to know? See question! Mide formed a silent hiss with her mouth.

‘So you mean you don’t know your course adviser, not even her name?’ the secretary repeated.

‘Please go, go!’ The secretary echoed and Mide wondered what the problem was.

Gladly! Mide silently exclaimed and left the office relieved, she was already getting choked up and badly needed to cough anyways.
Good riddance! She thought.

To be Continued…


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