Lawal Idris, a recent graduate of University of Lagos talks about his childhood days and how it help his journey towards fulfillment.


My uncle was back from Lagos after a long while and school was on vacation, I had been promoted to primary 4 on trial and Uncle didn’t seem proud of it. I was excited at the prospects of visiting Lagos for the first time, Uncle had changed a lot, he looked so well and rich. On his way to Lagos after some time spent in the village, Uncle told me that he would allow me to visit Lagos when my school results improved between first and fifth position in class.

School resumed and I was scared of fulfilling the desires of my uncle and following his advice because I believed my capacity was not so high but I braced up. I started paying attention in class, asking questions. My new class teacher who had taught me in Primary 1, was surprised at this new development but he encouraged me. My hard work paid off as I came 4th and 3rd position in first and second term respectively.

My parents were very happy and my joy knew no bounds. Before resumption of third term, I would sit under the tree and think about my Uncle’s advice and promise. I was worried because the cumulative of my results may not come out so good and I didn’t want to leave the spot of first and fourth position. However, I didn’t worry for long as I picked up my books and started to study harder, I played less and I disturbed my sisters to help out in difficult areas.

The promotional exams came and I was surprised when I was called for 3rd position overall for primary 4 and promoted to 5. Tunde had taken 1st position again. At first, I didn’t want to stand up to receive my gift because I couldn’t believe it, everyone was surprised at my achievements but I was happy because I had fulfilled my Uncle’s desires and would therefore go to Lagos.

My uncle came home during the festive period and was happy to see my performance improved. Not only did I go to Lagos, I had been appointed the Health prefect in primary 5, when i got to Lagos, I was exposed to new things and made new friends. When I went back home, everyone noticed I had changed in a good way and I was excited to resume school as the Health prefect.

One Sunday night, while preparing for school the following day and waiting for my mother to finish cooking, I sat near my sister and watched as she arranged her new books, she started to write her names on all the books and I saw her handwriting and began to mock her on how bad she wrote. I forcefully collected the book and ran to the kitchen to show Mother, at about the time I entered the kitchen, the lights went off and I couldn’t see a thing. I decided to walk slowly to the store thinking Mother would be there when I soaked my leg in hot oil she wanted to use to make soup.

I shouted in pains and everyone came to my rescue and saw that the leg had begun to tear. An old woman advised to put an egg on the wound so it won’t have much effect, the next day, I couldn’t walk nor go to school and had to visit the hospital much to everyone’s sadness about the incident. The doctor confirmed I would need to do surgery and my father bitterly scolded my mother for her carelessness and refused to leave the theater at the commencement of the surgery.

And for over two months, I couldn’t resumed school nor wear a sandal and it was a bitter experience I always remember. I learnt there are no boundaries or limits to what we can achieve except the ones we create for ourselves. We can always excel beyond when we find that one thing that will push us forward. I also learnt gossip can land you into trouble and produce unfavourable outcomes.

I hope you learnt something from this little childhood story of mine. Thanks to ECB for such platform.

ECB says there we have it! one thing i recognise and learnt is that in life, we can always aspire to dream and achieve big. the world’s opinion at some point in out lives may count but not really matter as long as we believe in ourselves and find others who equally believe in us also.

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  1. “The greatest tragedy to bfall a man is nt wen we die, bt wt dies inside us while we live”. ……………………………………………… A mans dream is an index to his greatnes


  2. Nice one u’ve got dere. The part where u dipped ur leg in hot oil caught me becos u were trying to make mockery of ur sister’s handwriting but ended up hurting urself so in dis life one has to b care. So keep it up dear and kudous to u


  3. Hmmm..wat a tragedy day dat apend lyk a dream…we tank God 4 ur life nd am so apy 2day 4 everytn cos am d sis u makng jest of abt her writting,wat wunld we v said cos u r d only broda we had den bt nw u v morenikeji…God 4eva we tank u


  4. I wud hv said u framed up d whole story if i wasnt ur mate ryt frm primary school til sec. school. Dis is jst d beginin bro, u cn always do beta..


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