Your Voting Starts Here: Something About Jonathan and Buhari.



First of all, we know what’s up with the political situation in Nigeria. The Jonathans and buharis campaign and all of that. I wanted to write something  about it a while now  though am not wholeheartedly following the political trend. Here it is, something sparked it up and I’ll tell you.

While some are strongly behind Jonathan, others fall full swing with Buhari. And both candidates have political parties that stick out for them against all odds. But I remain objective. While I’ll say I really don’t care who gets in as long as chaos do not thrive, I’ll also say am anticipating who will sit on the presidential seat, that is some ounce of care I guess. Whether we like it or not..we all are politically inclined, however little the forms. So for those that say politics is a dirty game, am sorry you will have to shut up for some minutes and THINK.

You shout We are the leaders of tomorrow, yet you say all those bad stuff about Jonathan and buhari( you know who you oppose) and how politics in Nigeria has gone hullabaloo.

What am trying to understand is this. If one of us that sings so loud in people’s ears actually GET the CHANCE to rep this country at the political front, what GUARANTEE is there that you won’t be worse off? Okay, let me be positive like you would, maybe, just maybe, you would do us proud and well.

I do not understand the complexities surrounding the Nigeria politics and I bet some of us do not as well, we only judge by results, which is quite alright.

Someone wrote somewhere about the achievements of Jonathan( cassava production, 2011 free n fair elections, railways etc) and how he would not support Buhari nor vote him in based on that and am like ” Whoa! Mr Jona did all this and yet people condemn him? “ as the guy wrote. ( whether he actually did all that or not, can’t confirm its authenticity) My question, if he did all that, why is he still condemned? That means the people are not satisfied or he is in some ‘bad pot of soup’.

On the other hand, some say nice things about Sir Buhari ( disciplined, dedicated, strongwilled etc) so if he is all this, what’s wrong then? Looks like some feel he is blood thirsty and APC is a no go area for this presidential position.

And am tired of all the rantings about them, to top it all, INEC ( I really don’t know what they do there, would like a job there, i’ll just be sitting n staring, signing off papers in auto command) they postponed the elections. For what! Insecurity in some North east. For the records, we didn’t hear the details of such insecurities let alone the consent of the general public. The tension on this election thing is intense.

And they say APC is a subset of PDP, all mumbo jumbo… A beg, can’t we just abolish all these crazy political parties and start a fresh and natural one? I am personally tired of their gimmicks.

I know some people have packed up due to this election because they feel there would be chaos. God forbid that to happen. That’s the last thing we need especially with America and her foreign brethren watching, expecting something to happen. They even predicted bad on us.

Let me tell you the one thing Mr Jona and Sir Buhari have in common with the people.

The people are SCARED in a way.
Of whoever is going to rule them and you can’t blame them.

The former is in his fifties, they say he ruled Nigeria for 6years and has nothing to show for it, insurgency of the boko haram, electricity issues and more, he wants to go another term, Nigeria will just suffer under his arms.

The latter is in his seventies, a disciplinarian ( remember War Against Indiscipline or was it KAI?) a former military and a Muslim with people thinking he may islamize Nigeria if he wins, also may turn iron and rule with iron hands. SEE?

Well.. I think have said my mind pretty well. What I’ll like to ask is this.  What is your take? Where do you stand in all this and WHY? Maybe you could even enlighten me or others and share one or two details we do not know on these candidates and the elections in general.

Who do you think stands for Nigeria?

Mr Jonathan    OR
Sir Buhari

Who and why? What’s your Clarion Call?
Your Voting Starts Now.

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Your Ladyship,
Enny Cole.


14 thoughts on “Your Voting Starts Here: Something About Jonathan and Buhari.

  1. Well, like the saying goes, CHANGE is constant. If you could spend six years on seat without no positive/clearly seen achievements, why not just humbly resign and give room for someone who’s being there when things were even worse! #MAITASINI days. I think the fear of going to jail is what bothering Mr President and his followers over corruption practises;-). And as for GMB, he’s got Nigerians looking up to him and we hoping he’s as strong as he was in terms of eradicating corruption. #CHANGE can only be postponed but can’t be denied. Just incase other readers would like to know why am a Buharian, GEJ caused me to stay home for 9months and my counter-parts for 10months (If you’re a Nigerian student, you’ll understand). So I rest my case.


    1. Ismail! Hmm… That’s a strong one there. I think I like the part you said GeJ made you stay home for 6months or so, I can relate with that. Come to think of it, I do not blame GEJ solely for that. ASUU that is demanding an upsurge in Education system, what are the things they have to show for it beforehand? I personally do not see the usefulness of ASUU let alone their demands on GEJ to give them money because they are not doing the little things they ought to do for the good of our schooling systems. So for the strike, painful for me for only 3months cos the other 3, I was on TP. Though that, I never really buy the whole ASUU idea, I hate their guts. Anyone feel free to counter me.


  2. In my own opinion I really think we need a revolution and the Revolution like I once saw in a graphical analogy won’t be televised. One of my lecturer claims Buhari has the best agenda of Awolowo(which he stole) to guide him in ruling Nigeria, my question is if he does and he has the best in mind for Nigerians, why can’t he just release the so called agenda for someone else to use, probably Jonathan, and if not, for a younger fellow who can trigger the Revolution we all desire. My final take on this issue is that none of them can give us what we need, Jonathan has tried and I don’t believe Buhari can do much more better cause if he can, he ought to have partnered with Jonathan to take Nigeria to a greater height and then seek to continue from the area of support to doing it himself. I really wish there was another prominent presidential aspirant rather than two of them. #plentyLove.


  3. Hmm….my nigerian politics…wit d situation of tins…d election wuld b rigged, its obvious ….bcos jega hav just played d dirty game. After e has assured nigerians dat INEC is ready to conduct election..I can’t blame him cos e his a PDP member ( 2) talkin about d two aspirant dey hav a lot of flaws , buh d diff is d xperience of being a president…. On d other hand d election wil hold and dere wuld b a winner buh d orda party mite not agree …@ d end of all….we mite not hav a president buh hav wah we call interim president or military coup…Am just prayin for d safety of my family n friends…


    1. Well? INEC is over rated, you can’t blame Jega, he is probably scared to his pants right now. As for rigging, PDP is a master piece. I believe all hell would be let loosed if anything funny happens and that, that my friend will not be cool. that’s all I got to say.


  4. As a media practitioner, I would like to remain non-polarized. However, I hope the best man wins this election. Mind you, there are other 12 candidates vying for the Presidency and there’s even a female Candidate. We should talk about them too.


    1. Oh mr prince! Very well said, thanks much. Yea I heard about the female though. One Remi Sonaiya. Why do the other candidates remain kinda invisible? You see what am saying? APC and PDP have overshadowed and subdued other parties in such a way that they barely exist. After Jonathan and Buhari campaign thingy, ‘there are no others’


  5. I fink sincerly , wat if both of dese two major candidates dont win,? Dat wld b smefin mayb sme1 frm a less knwn political party bags d most votes either by payin mre bribes dan usual, or by nigerians voting dis person, wif everyfin deyv got, despite d pressure frm apc nd pdp, asides frm dat i dont giv a damn bout who wins, we all d same fin, wen we taste lil power, we bcme mindless beast, or puppets, same circle in d nigerian political arena. I don talk my own..


  6. Anybody that wins the election should remember he’s not going to be there forever, don’t know anything about the politics but being out of Naija doesn’t change my citizenship…God bless Nigeria!!!


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