Let’s talk a bit about culture. I have the culture of the Nigerian people in mind. This culture is embedded in tradition and practices as different tribes that makes up Nigeria constitute different cultures. But i have a different twist to what am about to say, so stay with me to the end because it would get pretty interesting.

The three major ethnic group- the hausa-fulani, the yoruba and the igbos have some cultures different from one another in terms of marriage, clothing, food and even the way they greet! But that’s not what i want to talk about( we probably have googled some things on these so am not about repeating, for those who know absolutely nothing about the Nigeria culture, let me know especially if you want me to write on it, so i can find a way to help build your knowledge base).

Do you know that associated with these ethnicities are some forms of tradition like serving a kind of god? ( i overheard someone saying the white men that  came should have left us worshipping our small gods, speaking in different tongues instead of bringing us civilization, why? Because it didn’t pay off, too much selfishness and greed, am sure a Nigerian would know what am saying here )and possessing some kind of juju powers, having some form of possession of charms, either for good or for bad. Witches, wizards, abami children, abiku, the fetish and the occult.. Oh yes, they exist.

Warriors in those days will fight one another with powerful charms and incantations. Dear readers, i don’t want us to get scary here so I’ll leave out the intoto of traditional jujus and powers, not that i know it anyways, i would just have shared real life experiences, i cannot be doing google, it will never fetch me EXACTLY what i want, or will google recount the real tales of using fetish witchcraft powers to pound babies in mortars, call people’s destinies, disappear or even listen to phone conversations? I don’t know. There are so many mysteries before us that we may not know.

And children were born in powerful, highly spiritual homes and take after their families. Traditional practices is deeply rooted in us that we can swear by Orunmila or by Sango, we can even threaten others( some guys would wear a ring that if they tap a lady with, she follows him against her will), claim champions of great juju exploits, boast  of how our fathers can perform tricks and spices in African tradition and it goes on and on.

The guilt of tradition comes in when we use these so called powers against one another, to do evil. One may enjoy the benefits of such evil for a while but the repercussion is always far greater, painful and one of loss, affecting innocent children and lives. We even watch such cases on Nigerian films. A second wife doing juju on the first wife to dispose her position and lets say this woman dies, you know how the story ends. We will reap what we sow. Ceteris paribus.

However, i won’t be talking about this guilt of tradition. Gladly, modern day religion is fast absorbing these issues of tradition and practices, if you know what i mean.  I want to mention the one that has to do with deceit so we can laugh off how plainly and seriously our tradition practices have shaped out thinking and our lives. Here it comes.

Supposing one day you received a tap on your left cheek(one more raise above your cheek and it could have been a slap or so you thought) while you attempt to cross the road but unknowingly was about to bump into an oncoming vehicle but took a step backwards, else you would have been hit by the bus, and the conductor hanging on the bus reached out and tap your face, Oho! with the expression, ‘face road’ then the bus speeds away and you couldn’t react. I mean why would he tap, slap your face? Huh?

Now supposed you are a typical yoruba man who couldn’t really fight but still has to fight his way into his rights, you pursued the bus that later got held up in traffic and you started to create a scene, you need an upper hand, for someone deeply shaped by tradition and its practices as common on the streets, ( even if we don’t practice this so called tradition, as i was saying…) You need an upper hand and you said

” That hand you used to slap me, i give you 5days, it will rotten! As far as Orunmila, alayeri (bla bla bla) hears and is with me”

Or the typical curse… ” By the power of Sango, Oshun( some even use  God) i curse you that in five days, your hand will wither!”

And the conductor says.. ” na lie, you be nothing, you don’t know who i am abi” ( and maybe he is just a nobody, bragging to damp out the fear of such statement he heard. LOL)

And the affected man departs also shaking at heart that this man may do something to make it backfire.

And both party leaves, scared at heart and the guilt of tradition begins. Aha!
The yoruba man runs helter skelter looking for solace in Church or in his supposed Orunmila because he started to have stomach pains ( which is just a coincidence and the norm by the way) and he thinks it is the conductor that is ‘doing’ him.

The conductor runs far and wide seeking solution before the five days gets to hand because he thinks he has been cursed and doesn’t want the effect to happen. In this process, he compounds the problem by seeking ‘wrong’ solution providers who may prepare him some kind of concoction. Or do a ‘go back to sender charm’.

At the end of the day, everything goes into thin air! Unnecessary headache! *laffs* the guilt of tradition. Who is doing who?

And that’s it.
You think am crazy for writing this post? Lol. Feel free to tell me so.
Ever experienced tradition in some form? You can hit the comment box.

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Your Ladyship,
Enny Cole.



  1. Cool!! Tradition is very real…and most time conductor n orda actors could b meRe form of attitude because of situation…but apart from that ,there is power in human tongue regardless weather tradition or gods or something.


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