In The Spirit Of Valentine; Simple gifts n ways to show love.

This is going to be my shortest post ever I think, but let’s wait and find out.

So we are in the season today. Valentine’s day!

Am not going to bore you with hits and twists of valentine, let alone the history. If you want the history, hit Google. Lol.

I know some of us are anti Valentine, tired of seeing the pictures and hearing the sounds of it is val, happy val! especially if we don’t have someone to share and love, a partner but hey! Val is not just about your partner but everyone else around you. It is in the spirit of love! Your family, friends, co workers,
acquaintances and more.

Spread the love around! Share it!

Also, some of us that are feeling today would be bent on getting our loved ones gifts. On getting ladies gifts, there seem to be a variety of options of gifts but trust me, some men still find it difficult to get that right gift for their woman.

Seems this post is getting longer.. Let’s ride on.

Likewise ladies, men seem not to have varieties of options when it comes to gifts or is it that it ran out of our minds? I’ll tell you.

There are lots of things and plenty ways you can show love to your loved ones, not necessarily when it is valentine. Some of us may be low on cash, that should not  stop you from sweeping him/her in the showers of love.

I’ll be telling you about simple gifts that makes the heart beats, cost less, now
this is all totally from  me and I hope you find it useful.

For Men: boyfriends, fiance, husbands/fathers.

–  Write her a love letter or poem: when last did you write your feelings on paper? Or express with words on paper how much love words cannot explain lies in your heart. A trip down memory lane on those school days when you write your date a love letter. *giggles* you can be young again. Carefully find a nice colourful paper and pen and craft your heart on it.

– Sing her a love song: take her to a garden or her favourite ‘walk place’ or hang out,  take her hand and sing her a favourite love song. You can add your own twist to this. You can even do this at home.

–  Buy her some goodies all wrapped with a note, may include a flower: it can be anything. Ladies love those little fancy and lovely ‘munchy’ things. Chocolates, sweets, Cakes, biscuits, etc

–  Be creative and adventurous: sit out with some friends and plan a kind of short display or drama. You may be her super hero for the day or her stalker, you can be her chaperon. Make it daring, interesting and adventurous kind of way.

I think this would help in some ways. It is less expensive and takes not much from you. If you plenty on cash, take her out to a beautiful dinner with her dress already in a box on her bed or delivered by post. Make it a memorable one. you may also buy her ‘girly’ things.. Make sure she would like them.

For Women: girlfriends, fiancee, wife/mother

for married women, wake up earlier than usual, do your usual chores, find where to take the children for their day off or you can ‘settle them’ off on the playground at home. Now men love sex, go back to bed where he is still sleeping and put on your creative gear, a sexy underwear or thong.( you know what your husband likes and shove it in his face so he can burst with moments of crazy happiness).. Start your performance from the bed. Waking him up with kisses, ( you know how to do ya thing) make him watch you do the sexy dance for him. Then you can get down. Love him all through it.

Cook his favourite meal or something he would love to eat: Men love their stomach, cook him a dish that would make him forever be thankful and be humble and loving while at it.. Watch him eat and tell him nice things, confess your love to him.

–  Take him out on a surprise date: do not tell him where you are going. Plan it out and Make sure he will enjoy the day.

–  Catch him unawares with a surprise pack: have somebody else deliver a package to him, it can even be a cake with a short note confessing your love for him. It could be what he loves, men love gadgets and drinks. Get him his favourite gadget or drink, maybe a wine. You can tape his name and your love for him on the bottle of the wine and have it delivered.

Give him a kiss, a hug and something home made from you: if you don’t know how to make anything, you can have someone do that for you. You can make him a designed handkerchief with his name sewed on it, make cookies, chin-chin, a pie or bake a cake, buy him specially made Ankara designed wallet or crest his name and yours on a hand or neck chain.

And I stop here. I think this may help. If you have plenty of cash, you could get him something that catches your fancy, that he may like.

I hope you find this piece helpful and exciting. You can drop your views and suggestions of gifts into comment box, I’ll be sure to reply!

Now spread the love around, would you?



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