Today, l will be talking about a book I read, fantastic book, every woman’s lovely read, and of course for men that love them also, though not necessary. Though i read lots of controversial texts concerning the book online, you know some women didnt buyb the idea of submitting to a man and all that, I learnt a lot of difficult lessons from this book. I called it difficult because yes, it really can be difficult trying out the action plans or should I call it, to do lessons. there is no harm in trying, the lessons intrigues me especially in our world today and how things goes. Am sure any woman that reads it would find it pretty difficult to reach for some time but finally settle in because the benefits are beautiful.

Men, we women are trying so hard to please ya, to not talk too much, cook and clean and still satisfy you sexually and cater for the kids. Oh gosh! It’s a lot of work! Some men will ay there aint nothing in it and we say.. act like a woman for a day and you will see a whole lot in it! Well? We are going to keep trying to please you so we can live peacefully and purposefully as created. But please, men, buckle up too! it aint easy to be a woman, I don’t know of a man, am not a man.

This book titled THE TOTAL WOMAN is for girlfriends in serious relationships, fiancées, wives and mothers. Enjoy and aspire! Let’s dig and get ready ladies! You are about to be a TOTAL WOMAN your man will forever adore.

PART ONE : The Organisation Woman.

The author explores her early marital life where her husband told her what he wanted in a wife but she had slept off curled up in his arms and heard nothing of it! That was the night she was proposed to and that began her marital journey even with the important details she had missed and couldn’t get back.
But the first month of her marriage wasn’t so rosy as she expected. It was practically like an air of malice and the harder she tried to be a lovely wife, the more everything gets ruined. The change began with her pursuit of knowledge on how to have a good home, she read the bible, took self improvement classes, bought and read books on marriage and psychology. Overtime, certain principles emerged that she applied them and started to get stunning results. Her marriage became better. ( here it comes)

A typical housewife begins each day with tasks to womanworkpixdo right after her husband leaves for work and her children goes to school. There is always so much work to do that she often run into despair lest she didn’t finish up on time before everyone gets back because the work will pile up. She would think “ what can I fix for dinner tonight?” and wished the chicken should just miraculously appear in the freezer or she would have to visit the supermarket to get it and bit the traffic and come back with a pounding headache and children and husband to feed. By the time she runs through all the day’s tasks and manages to get the evening task done and her husband comes in, she’s had it! She is too tired to be available for him.

The 25,000 dollar plan for the housewife is to write down the things she has to do the next day and to do that daily for every other days. You will panic if you wait till morning, even if it includes to do manicure, read a book, write them all down.

Assign a priority to every item on your list. Assign top priority to unpleasant tasks, try to do them first, also to whatever your husband asks you to do, write it down on the list and make it top priority.

The next day, begin with number one and stick with it until it is accomplished before going to the next item on the list. Do one job thoroughly without having to return to it and you would be satisfied. Don’t worry if you can’t complete everything on your list, the most important items will have been done.
Keep your daily schedules in a loose-leaf notebook or use a calendar with space large enough to enter your daily activities.

The ABC business emphasizes on the need to plan dinner early, deciding the evening menu the day before and writing it at the top of the list. Also, when unexpected events comes your way that are not on your list like children falling sick, friends drop by, washing machine breaks down. Have a plan B( or C or D) depending on how many curves you were thrown at that you would need to bend to. Learn to capitalize disappointments and heartbreak, expect the unexpected and plan ahead. Make things that go wrong part of your plan. Don’t forget to commit your plans and the day into God’s hands. If you put this into practice, you would be more organized and efficient. Your husband would be thrilled at such order and pleased with you.

Tomorrow is a new day, wake up to your $25,000 plan.

Interior decorating talks about your power to lift your family spirit or bring it down to rock bottom. The atmosphere in your home is set by you. If you are cherry tonight, chances are your husband and children will also be cherry. How is your attitude towards your daily duties? Are you pleasant to live with even when your husband doesn’t appreciate your efforts? Do you know that your personal happiness depends on the attitude you decide you will have? It does. You can decide what level you are going to live regardless of your husband’s attitudes. A great marriage would involve most women trying to improve their roles as wife and mother which are primarily concerned with the things they do. Their role as a woman is something they are, and that gets us down to the basics.

Interior decorating on your attitude does take a little work but the results are worth the effort. So if you husband refused to give you something you asked for and even shouts at you, don’t clam up all day ignoring him and the housework. Your attitude shouldn’t control your behavior towards him and every other thing you need to do.

The winning game plan is that you can become the sunshine in your home but first know yourself, to know your philosophy of life as a woman. Why are you here, who are you and where are you going? Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses, short term goals and long term goals. For your strengths, take a look at what you do well, develop your hidden talents. Your weaknesses, list every areas you feel insecure, you would need to consider this in light of your childhood, it may have a tremendous effect on how you react today. Your fears, hurts and embarrassing moments. Writing down helps understand yourself. Write down your personal short term goals as an individual, wife and mother and break them into columns for tomorrow, this week, this month. List all on your mind. Your long term goals should be specific and list areas where you would like to improve as a wife and mother. What do you hope to be in ten years?

You must also love yourself, face your weaknesses and realistically accept the fact that it exists. You are only human, don’t be so hard on yourself. When you love yourself as the bible rightly commands, you will love your husband and everyone as well. You will have a good image of yourself, like being you and function properly.
And that ends the part one.

ECB says: Some men actually think shuffling between wife role, mother role and the whole housework thingy is just thin air, men and their perceptions and sometimes overbearing ways,you guys need to be careful! LOL but ladies! We know it is a herculean task that can choke us and make us misbehave and rant and get so tired and clammed up but we have to face it whether we like it or not so why not correct our attitude towards it? Yes, it won’t be corrected in a day but we can start right now and take out time. Kudos to all women out there, we are great vessels of honour.

Part two would be revealed next week ( you don’t want to miss it, that’s the interesting yet controversial part) so please ‘stay tuned’

And here is a take home to do.
1. Make a list of everything you must accomplish tomorrow. Assign each a priority and tackle.

2. Write out your own philosophy of life.

3. Make a list of all your strengths and weaknesses. Be honest and realistic. Then accept your weaknesses and determine to maximize your strengths by taking specific action.

4. Set a goal, one specific goal to be reached one week from today. List everything you will need to accomplish this goal. Incorporate this lit into your master plan for the week to come.

5. Set long term goal and determine to make it yours.

if this book is a worthy read or you feel otherwise, feel free to state your case. Hit the comment box.

Culled from : The Total Woman by Marabel Morgan.

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  1. Splendid. Well Composed. Someone (Ismail Odubanjo Aka – Adenex) Referred me here and I wasn’t disappointed. Please can you kindly do a writing for me on “Falling in Love with writer”?
    Thanks. I know you will. Xoxo


    1. Hi Dave, thanks for visiting.
      Build the man,build the community is a paradigm centered on living on some set of values that will better equip men women to live effectively in order to build their society to the greatness they desire.

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