Hello your excellencies! It’s another great day. Two weeks ago I dropped a post, Pick A Scene with a title The Umbrella fight. While some readers picked the first scene, others felt comfortable to resort to the last scene.

Let us examine lessons from The Umbrella Fight. Then I’ll dive into today’s Pick A Scene! Please read on!

The way we see the problem is actually the problem, as humans, we are defined by our character and personality ethics. The character ethic focuses on basic principles of effective living; which we really need for true success and happiness. It recognizes things such as integrity, humility, temperance, justice, patience and more.

The personality ethic on the other hand is embedded in public image, of attitudes and behaviours, skills and techniques etc. Success today becomes more a function of personality but this may not last long. For instance, the personality ethics says smiling wins more friends than frowning but it does not address the character behind the smiling itself.

What if I smiled at you so I could take the advantage of getting what I wanted from you? The personality ethic may be dubious, manipulative, let’s leave that for another day. In this regard, we may want to talk back at the woman because we feel a need to defend our personality especially in front of others, however, it is our character ethic of temperance that should rather defend us.

Reactive people are known to be affected by their physical environment and what occurs to them. If the weather is good, they feel good, if the woman is shouting at them, they have to shout back too. Proactive people are value driven; with the ability to subordinate an impulse of shouting back, they can carry about any weather.

We have the power to choose out response, it is not what happens to us, but our response to what happens to us that hurt us. We can change our response to things by having the ability to respond and respond well, we can change our attitude towards things. It is not the problem per se, it is the attitude. It is gradual to change but achievable.

The Main Scene.

Mimi wanted to make a transaction in the bank and Thomas was taking time, she looked at her watch, she had to get to the bank before 4pm or she wouldn’t be able to collect the money. At last, they set out by 2pm. Thomas went ahead to do his bank transactions, he probably wanted to pay in some money or something. Mimi headed to the foreign account section and filled a form, shortly, she was directed to the bulk room to wait for her cash.

There were people waiting, she felt crushed. Thomas was already through and was standing by the door waiting for her and checking up the time.

“ Tell him to answer you na” he said, he was tired of waiting, he had things to attend to.

Mimi looked at the cashier, she was familiar with him, she tried to hold her patience even though she knew he was yet to answer those she met there, and about the last hour, she told him.

“ How long do I have to wait” he told her he was coming. Those old papas with their cheques and plenty cash always cause “money traffic”.

Later, Mimi saw him counting the money with the counting machine, it looks like it was for her but she couldn’t decipher why he would give her such plenty money, her money wasn’t supposed to be up to that. He handed it over, she counted it, over 30,000naira. Mimi went aside and counted it again, she was confused. She looked at the exchanged rate, it said she was to collect just 17,000naira and some change, why does she have over 30k?

She called Thomas and told him, before that, a thought rang across her mind. “he made a mistake, it is your luck, take the money and leave” another thought said “ don’t, just ask him and say there is a mix up” Thomas said to return it and she did.

“I think there is a mix up somewhere, you gave me over 30k instead of…” he was shocked, he asked “ let me see your paper, she gave him. So sorry, I thought you were that man, he confused me… bla bla.

He handed Mimi her payment and said “thank you, thank you” Mimi ignored him, not because she missed the money, she hated banks, they have no mercy, she wondered why she showed them one.

Alternative Scenes.
Scene Two

From when Mimi discovered the mistake…
Mimi counted the money twice and realized she had been overpaid, her joy knew no bounds. Serves this bank right, in fact, good for him, she thought. He had misbehaved the other day just because she wanted to collect the 30naira on top her cash, as if that wasn’t her money and if she added it to her account, it would pay for the text message charges but this guy acted reluctantly in giving her. The exchange rate in the black market was higher but banks have a funny way of slashing your money down. This is hot cake! Mimi went over to meet Thomas and she silently left the bank with him.

Scene Three
Mimi threatened the cashier to split the money in two or give her small cash added to her own cash, else she would call for the manager and report him, not only would she report him, she would make a scene out of it and get some added incentives.

now PICK what SCENE(S) work best for you, Hit the comment box and tell us why. So, imagine you are in Mimi’s shoes, what would you have done? which scene would you PICK AND WHY?

Is your scene unavailable here? write it out, let’s see!


Remember, the lessons from this scenes comes up in the next Pick-a-Scene post possibly with to -do lessons.

you can also submit your Scenes for review to ennycole574@gmail.com  i would love to hear your scenes and how best it worked for you and may work for others.

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11 thoughts on “PICK-a-SCENE; Title: ROB A BANK!

  1. Wow!!!I wish this would happen to me someday! Lol…. Well lemme be sincere with you enny, I would definitely return the money back to the cashier. BUT on the other hand, IF I were to have some difficulties that needed extra-cash, I definitely won’t return it cos I believe in the saying of Blessing in Disguise. #shikena #Lobatan. I rest my case.


  2. hummnn………if it was me sincerely i wont return d money even if my conscience doesnt allow me qo away wit d money but it also depends on wat my friend insist anyway…….!
    Nice 1 thumps up enny!


  3. LOL… mayb if I found maself in such situation 1 of dis dys, dem am gonna knw wot exactly to do….

    Cuz My present mood and situations of things around me den will definitely determined if am to return d cash or not….

    … pretty sure, lotz will be ruining tru my mind @ dat particular moment, lol… pray God grant me d Hrt and Fear to return it tho…


  4. If it was me I will have to follow what my mind tells me @ that moment! buh to be sincere If its not making money its not making sense_You can’t always wait for the perfect time. Sometimes, you have to just go for it. Life is too short to wonder what could have been…. and will surely help the poor with it! Lolz….


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