Another Thought Of Mine…


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Sometimes you get tired of begging people.

I mean tired of begging people, even your own very people, of  helping you to do something, showing care for something that means so much to you or just being there for you. It could be anything.

You see, the thing is, it is natural for me to feel this way, also for such people to act that way.( I mean some people may just hate you, too busy for you, ignore you and more, a certain personality and character flaw(s) may be lurking in a corner of their lives).

But it is unnatural to make that a focus point. An empty focal point leads no where. I SHOULD control WHAT I feel. I can change my ATTITUDE towards what and how I feel because by doing that, such people have less control on my feelings and I CAN TAKE CHARGE!

If am tired, then am tired. But it shouldn’t stop me from moving or hating the same people for their acts. Let me see it this way,  i need to have pity, no- compassion for their weaknesses.
Else, I should put a knife and MURDER every single person who took my feelings away from me.

And I look up above and GOD said
To every thing, there is a season and a purpose under heaven. I know I still have plenty works to do.

I see it now clearly but not so clear.  The RIGHT people needed for my manifestation will come. The right audience needed for my advancement, people I won’t have to BEG, people who see something in me and can’t but help me grow, people whom I will also LIFT up in turn, for their manifestation and advancement lies in knowing me and helping me and me knowing and helping them also.

I do not see most of the people around me as such. There is so much blessings of untold riches I have to share but I do not see most of these people there.

I am tired of begging people. I do not live for them.

#control your attitude to things of life. DON’T BEG IT.
#it is not the problem itself, but the way we see the problem is actually the problem.



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