The Telephone Conversation.


Scene one

In the scene, some loud music, two women stood dancing, they swayed their bodies in rhythm to the music, they had drinks in their hands, Mike  made his way to the middle of the well furnished sitting room, there was an award on the table, it read BEST PLAYER, WORLD.

He picked it up, stared at it and dropped it noisily; he took a glass of champagne, raised it up above his head and exhaled deeply. He is drunk.

MikeToday is just for you guys alone, ladies! Enjoy the day. (His phone rings, he ignored it but it kept ringing, he staggered to the table and picked up the phone) 
Yes? Coach, what? I should come by 4pm? I can’t make it Coach, am better off here, I would do just fine, you know am a super star!

I know I missed the last game, come on Coach! It’s just one game. Alright then,  next week. Bye.

He dropped the phone and walked towards the ladies dancing and singing. Two weeks later, he got a call.

Mike: what do you mean have been laid off? Am your best player! Just because of…( the line went dead).

Scene two

A man in his early 30s, his wife was buttoning up his shirt while he spoke on the phone, he picked up a paper and pen and jotted down something.

The Man: oh! I understand you want me to take 40%, yes, but that can’t work out. Yes, I went there as early as possible, you ask me why?

This is business, I can’t stand the chance of loosing the 20%  to competition, I should chill, ( almost shouting with vigour) no, I can’t chill, Bill gates didn’t chill, Mark Zukerberg whom am older than isn’t ! Dangote is not chilling, in fact, he is still building castles.  Just seal the deal, I have other things to attend to.

Curtain falls.

To remain a champion, there are certain activities that must be sustained or you become an ex-champion! And you  need no informant to tell you the pain and shame that comes with that.

To sustain our heights of success requires much more efforts and even hard work. To have success is easy, to maintain is not.

A little Morning Dust.
Thomas Paine said the HARDER the CONFLICT, the MORE GLORIOUS the TRIUMPH.

We often esteem lightly things we get easily. Nothing comes easy, the harder it gets, the more success you achieve, the easier it is, the little victories you have.

I love Helen Hayes saying, IF YOU REST, YOU RUST.

When you are at the peak of success is exactly when you need to buckle your shoes and shine your eyes, don’t leave to rest because you have arrived, you will only rust. There is also the problem of change, we become so deeply affected by change and circumstances that it prevents us from moving forward.

A champion has more enemies to contend with than an ordinary contender. The HIGHER you reach the PEAK of the ladder, the MORE you need to DO, because if you don’t , SOMEONE ELSE WILL. Your spot CAN be taken if you fail to take it.

The world is not for the dulling.

Continue to AIM. ONLY you can. Keep Moving That Cheese.



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