This very much sounds like calculations to me. Calculus.
What the……?

For the average Nigerian student, we know 4 out of 6 hates Maths. Yes, who wouldn’t? With calculations and formulae seeking here and there. I mean maths can be complex at times that it requires logical reasoning. If a dullard were given maths questions to solve, he would probably choke on it.

Some of us enjoy Maths, its like a maze, looking for one X or Y and that process alone refreshes your mind.

As if Maths wasn’t enough, schools overseas use broader and tougher terms, means of calculations and stuff. Imagine what they call this.

What’s that?
Dem one kill this children oh.


I hated Maths in secondary school (high sch). I never enjoyed the class, I always ended up frustrated and confused until I got a tutor. The first tutor I got didn’t help much. I didn’t like him nor his methods. It was like when he spoke through one ear, it came out my other ear and it’s gone. I just couldn’t learn. He looked to me like those dubious teachers trying to frustrate the Maths itself.

I finally had the courage to tell my vice principal to change him.. And there started my love for Maths, though am indifferent about it. This tutor taught me the Maths thoroughly that I had no option but to pass. I came first in maths at a time when I was no longer being tutored and even did well in W.A.E.C.

I spoke with my younger sis two days ago (so this post is dedicated to her) and got to know she hated Calculus. I felt for her and gave her the best possible advice and shared my experience.

In fact I was opportuned to teach some Lebanese children last month and had to go through a test, solving British Maths…  Tasky and so not easy but still easy ( it’s actually easy when you realise the way to the answer than when you started solving, cracking ya head) because I had to do critical thinking.

The Maths children take at international level can’t be compared to the local maths here, unless one goes to an international school here ( though i remember we do qualitative reasoning too, i failed that a lot then) Little wonder those kids need tutoring!

Who are the formulators of this thing anyways? Tell them to stop! Lol

Calculus, Maths whatever is usually compulsory for grad.. Maybe we should find a way to ease up things for these children, even adults, because have seen maths in advanced forms and mehn, no go area for me. Imagine when I was going for SAT lesson, I wan die.

This is me when i discovered how SAT was.

Please oh The people that are inclined to this Calculus, Maths thingy and love it would be fine and do well with it.

Calculus! Brrrrrrh!
May God help us through the wahala we carry ourselves enter.


8 thoughts on “CALCULUS!

  1. Nice write up enny I actually hated maths growing up, but I had no choice than to know it or else I won’t be promoted and besides I was in science class… Its a subject u can’t run away from…..


  2. Humm , maths to me the most intresting part of it is that I will never skip a page if I can’t get to the root, I love solving maths becouse when am solving I never think of anything rather than how to get to the final destination even if I never eat but gat no couches becouse am in a world of nobody force u to lern.. Am on my own


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