Nigerians and the WHITE Mentality.

We know Nigerians look at white people as advanced, don’t ask me why.

She walked the streets of trade fair with us as people stared, some were excited, others curious and amused, a few were pissed. She was jotting down notes, so were we.

Oyibo, come my shop na” one woman remarked, she probably thought the white lady wanted to buy products and pay dollars. Nigerians and when they smell dollars.

“Una wanna share dollars?” A passerby commented. We walked on.
You see, the white lady is my boss and my team and I were on field doing marketing survey, a small aspect of a bigger plan.

We got to some set of shops, the men were like ehen….what? Looking suspicious. I won’t blame shop owners, they are afraid of the government closing down their shops,  so when they see some group of people with paper and pen,  pointing at their shops, they smell trouble. To top it all, a white lady is part of such people.

To some Nigerians, my boss was pretty and plump, a white in dollars. It excited them to see her around and she never wavered at that, she, daunting went ahead with her tasks for the day, greeted where she could, ask questions and moved on.

She didn’t have time for frivolities or pleasantries.

To other Nigerians, she was a threat, they felt insecured, full of contempt. On one or two occasions, I had to explain they were safe, it was only a marketplace.

One man looked at her like he wanted to devour her any minute because she passed by him and his friends without saying why, one team member had to explain. See beef
Another set screamed after she told them we were just walking around when they asked what we were up about. They started to insult her, ( by now she was far ahead of us, too preoccupied with her task to know what was happening) she waited for the two of us while we sorted it out.

They were cursing, one man said he would go and meet her and treat her fuck up and am like, please stay put. These people felt she had lackadaisical attitude but in reality, she was just trying to do her job and her oyibo nature didn’t make her understand the Nigerian behaviour of respect, notice me and more. And these Nigerians didn’t understand her nature; oyibos do not take things too much in their heads like we sometimes do.
Life should be easy.


4 thoughts on “Nigerians and the WHITE Mentality.

  1. Tell ur boss to always seek gate keepers..or learn and blend in wit the environment b4 carryin on wit r task…possibly creat go rapour system


  2. I could imagine, these behaviours are not below us. Sometimes I wonder what brings these foreigners to this part of the globe, but I guess different and maybe personal reasons.


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