Ok,  this post got you wondering, what am up to, just stay with me on this teeth episode..

As a kid in primary school through secondary school, I made a principle( don’t know if I should call it that anyways) for myself concerning my countenance. This was after I lost my two front teeth at a football accident,

I can remember vividly, I was running, some boys were playing football and gbam! I fell flat on the floor and the rest is history, I remember my granny’s brother singing a song in yoruba for “bla bla bla… doesn’t have front teeth..” so it goes.

That’s not all. As I grew I discovered I didn’t want to smile, not because I do not want to, in fact when it comes to laughing, I can laugh awkwardly that my laugh would make you laugh.

So I stopped smiling or laughing with my teeth after I discovered it wasn’t white, then I went to a school full of proud mean girls and that made my rule of smiling stretch. I tired all sorts of tooth paste but nah, the teeth was just like that, when my teeth started falling out, I thought maybe when it grew back, all will change to white but nay, it stubbornly won’t budge.

So when i want to laugh in front of people, I place a hand over my mouth and when I want to smile, only my lips spread.
In school, my biology teacher remarked one day when he saw me laughing, “ so you can laugh?” and am like “ er… yea” he couldn’t understand. And then it became part of me that my face would look bony and people woulf feel threatened to approach me.

Once, I spoke to a guy in the university by chance and he said..

oh my God, I never knew you are this easy to talk to, whenever I see your face all boning and I want to approach you, I just feel too scared to, you may probably shun me off!”

And I laughed that day and told him, “ don’t judge a book by its cover” but I know that may not necessarily appeal to everyone.

So am going to a room or class full of people waiting for lectures, am not shy of the faces that would stare at me as I make my way into the class( but I could be shy at times when I let my guard down, if you understand…), what I want to do is crush out the stares of too many eyes, a typical thing most people do and so I enter and I bone.


Apart from my teeth incident, this is just one mechanism I like adopting.

I go to an interview and I come out and people will want to ask me the outcome and I so do not want to talk, probably I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, so I approach the door, face the people and I bone. Nobody walks up to me to ask anything except the daring ones. And probably when they do approach me to ask, I soften, I mean “what the hell!”

“Girl, smile with that fine face,… ahan!”

A coursemate told me one day as I entered the class and I smiled, I didn’t bone on purpose, it’s just my facial built up, part of me..winks! I promised her I would change. *smiles*

That was how I scared a family friend of ours and he called my mom and said

this girl doesn’t smile, she is just boning!” 

Within me I erupted in laughter! This man is being tortured by my put up bone bone face stance.

If you see me walking on the streets like a model on the catwalk all bony face, it’s nothing, when am upset and I want to bone, it a totally a different thing. I remember my good friend who was so concerned when I told him why I didn’t smile with my teeth from onset that he took me to a dentist.

where are we going?” he wouldn’t say, and when we got there, he paid for the services and I saw the dentist. It turned out I could never have a white teeth no matter how hard I try except I want to change my dental history through other means. This is how God gave me this teeth. I also discovered in time that one’s teeth cannot necessarily be white, if you have a white one, good for you, if you don’t good for you also.

So for those of you wondering about my facials…there you have it. But you need to know I have soften up a bit before people start feeling scared or uncomfortable, just incase you meet me and feel so, look into my eyes, that’s where you can truly read my countenance. I guess it worked for some who couldn’t take it anymore.


They had to talk to me or I talk to them.


6 thoughts on “WHY I DON’T SMILE.

  1. my teeth are worst off, infact the dentist said i have 36 instead of the regular 32, so i dont smile at all, at least you still smile with your lips or laugh with your mouth covered, i dont do any, i only giggle t times


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