So You THINK You Can BEAT Me?


I was on my own jejeli when this babe came and looked for my trouble, don’t ask me what kind of trouble.. Suddenly she gives me slap and I land her two hot slaps simultaneously. I am all sparked up and ready to fight.

Words fly up here and there..
“Stupid fool! You are out of your mind, ori e ti yii!”

She replies “see this idiot…” Bla bla
Maybe, just maybe along the line, someone tries to intervene or separate us from fighting harder…

I say..“leave the goat, let her come to me. I’ll kill you!”

I feel fly…

Or better still, this scenario,
A child is trying to cross the road, she/he is almost hit, I dive in, roll towards the child, get him down and safe..I shout at the driver while everyone thanked me.

Or my favourite…
Thugs raid the place, shouts of guns and people engaged in discord one way or the other . somehow, this guy tasi me ( looked for trouble), and the end result, he brought out a gun, pointed it at me or held me down with a knife on my throat… And I kind of manovered, I landed on him with swift hot blows… More of his team came, all wanting to fight.. I received some beatings but I succeeded in dealing with them ..blows and kicks and threats.

This is how this villain would die in my hands.

Lastly.. Some people or friends are in danger.. I suddenly developed top fighting skills, ran to the rescue… Everyone is shocked, they never knew I could fight much less handle the situation.

It’s very obvious I watch too much fighting films…I love them! I won’t mind taking some martial arts training. Run some few bends and kicks, show my man power off after.

A little off the hook..
On the other side, when it comes to competition.. Am not moved, I  not driven by your product because I know your product cannot BEAT mine but I can learn from you no doubt. We are two different beings with uniqueness( unless you threw your uniqueness to the sea) and if you want to hang about sniffing what I put up next or copy me.. You wasting your time. Take it as a wake up call.

My mental capacity when it comes to discord or physical fight is high…though I may imagine…I do not and will not fight ( fighting is for MAD people and we know that comes in ranges and clicks, ever heard of one minute madness? There! ). But it doesn’t mean you can BEAT me either. You have the freewill to THINK that you can…forget the stature, it’s all up in the head.


Ever imagined yourself doing something ridiculous, funny or lovable? Hit LIKE if you’ve ever had one and do tell me about it! I’ll be glad to hear from you.

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