CALLER UNKNOWN. >>Daily Prompt>>

“Hello?”  “who is this?”

“it’s me.”

“Who you?”

‘The guy that you entered his keke marua the other day.’

I cannot remember his name even though he said it.

“Oh! how you dey?”

“Fine, how na? i just say make i call ask after you.”

“Oh, thankyou.”   i didn’t think he would call.

“Ok, i go dey call you, thanks for giving me audience.”


Line went dead.

Another day, phone rings… i picked.

“Yes, who you?”

“This is……”

i hung up. He called me again.

i hung up.


No answer.

Another day… he called again, i never picked, i recognised the number, what the hell does this guy want?

A close pal picked it up.

“yes… who is this?”

“give the phone to the owner…”      such audacity

“mtseeeeeeew,” he hisssed and hung up.

“who is he?”

Some guy i met on my way to work who offered me a free ride in his public transport keke.. i lazily entered and he engaged me in a conversation and i dropped my number as a pity and appreciation but more importantly to shoo him off for that moment. i usually do not pick this line anyways.

That wasn’t enough reason for him or maybe he just did not get it so he asked again…” why did you give him your number?”

i have no f***** idea! i replied.



4 thoughts on “CALLER UNKNOWN. >>Daily Prompt>>

  1. never give your number to anyone especially if its your private line, i can count the no of people that have my phone no, they are barely 20, and they dont disturb me, some even call only on sundays… hope you learnt your lesson!!! The guy is crushing on fine girl *hides face*


  2. Laughing my voice out! You got served!!! The dude is crushing on fine gal. I don’t blame him sha. He saw beauty in you.


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