CORPER SHUN! The Nigerian Youth Service Camp Palaver.


Yaay! Been a while here and that’s because I recently graduated and went to camp. For those of us that don’t know what that means, it means I became an ‘otondo’ ( fresh corper) posted to Edo state. So out of all the States, I was given this state to go parade for my country? Hmmm… People say am lucky, some say it’s okay! Yea! It’s okay until I get to their base.

Let me just continue my chitchat about this NYSC camp thing! What’s the fuss? Why subject Nigerian students to such when there are no adequate provisions? We go into the bush and suffer for three weeks! Three weeks no be beans

I saw most people and even my course mates posted to the north. There were agitations, curiosity, fear, even anger. We are wanted to know where we were posted and the thing didn’t even come out on time. Very disorganised! Maybe that was when they scattered every thing including those that tried to ‘work’ it to their state of choice, just few, were lucky. And to think they paid for that.

Then the posting started coming out
Sokoto: sokoto that is two days journey!  Have been there.

Then we have the nicer options…nicer because people preferred going there than going to the north.
Cross river
Ogun: heard their camp is very nice
Abuja: federal capital but things are expensive there.
Oyo: This was actually where I wanted to be posted to because of proximity to Lagos but look at me.

North is crazy! With boko haram things and all sorts. My pa said one day ‘if they take you to the north, I won’t allow it! You must not be taken there! Aside: well…if am taken to the north, personally I put my fears aside, commit myself unto God and brace up for northern things. Big smile! Ehn..people that were posted there are people anyways…the last option would be to redeploy and even that is not easy, you redeploy based on four reasons or ways. On health, on marriage and on security and on ‘long leg‘ that is you dabble through all real three reasons, meet a correct person to help and viola! From the bush to the city of choice!

And again there are states that you cannot even say if they nice or not. They are just there. Once u see yourself posted to this state, you start to think ‘ how will it be like?’ Then you punch in Google and it feeds you on different stories about your camp.And you get a bit shaky about that.

Edo State falls under this category and this is where I was posted. I am currently in Edo state and i write from there. In fact, right now am in an unending queue for registration. That’s another story for another day.

One of my colleagues who was posted to Edo state like me managed to Google about it and to my disappointment, he said ‘ the camp no make sense’ so I managed to google and see for myself. I decided to be positive, perhaps things have changed.

I arrived camp at 2:57pm on Tuesday much to my chagrin. Again!

One word for Edo Camp, NONSENSE!
Oshiomhole or what’s is name no try. I was expecting much more, the environment equals zero but I just cannot help but call it nonsense, I mean it’s my first night in camp!

Join me on my NYSC experience along with others as I share them with you on this platform.

Till then.
We may end up waiting on this queue forever because the officer in charge of this stage hasn’t even arrived and we were pursued out of our potholes ( this is not an hostel) around 5am!



4 thoughts on “CORPER SHUN! The Nigerian Youth Service Camp Palaver.

    1. I do not need to wait favour…why do you think I said it’s nonsense? Am very much aware they don’t pay state alawi, perhaps that was why Governor Oshiomhole never showed up at swearing in because he knows we would give him slap…


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