i Mentor!

This post is a random post that talks about a bit of myself and a drive towards self motivation, that urge to keep moving when all walls seems crushed.

For me mentors exist only on learning grounds, if I say I do not have a mentor, you would say that’s not true. But yea, i am a mentor in myself. And yes I cannot say who my mentor is. I do not even like the whole ‘ I have a mentor idea.’

From experience, have watched and admired different people for their gifts and talents, some related to mine, others unique in their own existence. But this cannot help me as much as I need to drive myself. Yes, I learn from them and put to best use my abilities.

What I do not like to do is get stuck with them or over rely on them. From the ones have encountered, they are just to busy to help or just do not have the luxury of mentoring in any little way even though they claim they are mentors. Others expect you to grab just as little as they can offer and just go.

So this is what I do to myself: I mentor me. It’s called self motivation. Find that thing that drives you, that energy that moves you towards reaching your goals or tasks.

And that’s the best method one can use to get to the top. It’s all about you. Got to keep moving the cheese!


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