Call HIM Caitlyn:Man MADE Woman, an epitome of WHAT?!

Psychological distortion!

Some people may not feel good about this post, yea…sh** happens, the girl can help but voice it.. Some may feel good, well that’s okay!

One look at the post title makes you look again. While some may receive this with mixed feelings or a nudging feeling of acceptance( abeg free the guy, it’s his life- am sorry, I cannot free this guy, he already lost living!), am sure others, especially Nigerians will fall on my side of the fence.

When I looked over my shoulder thinking about what to voice out, I cannot but point a finger, not an accusing one but alarming on this subject. Yes, I will not bring God, the creator or religion into this matter,

(for those of you who are athiest, believing only in the power of mountains and rocks, and for some that are traditionalists- as in that one we know, put them one side) because God can already see what’s happening.

First, it was Late Michael Jackson that turned himself from a black man to a white man and the whole world was let loose on him, many hauled him with the negatives, especially blacks. The typical Nigerian would be provoked at the thought of Jackson going from black skin to white( shebi black is the devil and Mr MJ wanted to be an Angel), and those surgeons( are they even surgeons or mentally frustrated medicals, oops! I didn’t say that.) had the audacity to turn him to White! Who knew what killed him? Visit google and see what they claimed he died off, they even said he has skin disorder, (come to Nigeria, that skin disorder will flee). Didn’t we hear that one time, his nose came off? I won’t blame MJ, he is gone already.

As if that wasn’t enough, we hear of Bruce jenner, father of many, mother of all. Aha! Bruce Jenner, age 65( dis old papa) former olympic gold medalist, had three wives(divorced all) and six children, he claim he had suffered from this gender problem since he was a youth and even made small efforts( did hormone replacement therapy- whatever that is) to transfrom himself to a female, on some occasions, he would dress like a woman, that is cross dress.


Bruce Jenner believes he is a woman or let’s say ought to be a woman, therefore, he chose to be a woman even when he came out as a man from birth! How interestingly alarming. Mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, fellow Nigerians( for Nigerians hailing this guy, I swear, you are not a Nigerian, pack!) and all, this is with the exception of mentally disturbed people like…er you know.. Imagine one of your sons or relative telling you he wants to turn into a woman and perform surgery at that! The typical yoruba man will say olorunmaje! God forbid! Now imagine what Bruce jenner did, he not only turned himself into a woman, he performed a 10hour facial feminization surgery to make himself a woman and went public with it on July issue cover of Vanity Fair Magazine, telling people to CALL HIM CAITLYN and the people rejoice! WHO DOES THAT! What amazes me is, since he wan turn woman by force, why hasn’t he gone for genital surgery so let’s know he is now far from insanity and life has gone totally wrong somewhere.


‘Vanity upon vanity, all his vanity’ – So after this, what next? NOTHING.
‘The people rejoice for lack of wisdom and they are perishing.’


And hear one of his children say ‘ he is beautiful’ or ‘be free like a bird.’ ‘Gosh!’

His Her twitter handle was a massive hit, with over 1million followers beating president Barack Obama’s and then she would receive one Arthur Ashe Courage Award! This is hilarious, award for what? For being so courageous, to embrace a truth hidden for years, give Comfort( did they say comfort?)to those facing similar issues and as the first transgender person to come out in the open. He should be ashamed instead! But he can’t because the world loves it!


What I don’t get is, when MJ turned white, he wasn’t so highly commended for, that’s understandable to some extent, and now Bruce Jenner turns Caitlyn Jenner and everyone says it’s fine! Are there no longer important issues to be noticed or discussed like Akon giving out 600 solar street lights and the likes than the issues of one guy turning a babe? What has Bruce Jenner done exactly apart from track and field and turning into a woman, what’s so special? (If you say turning into a woman is special, then something is really really wrong) did he impact the world through music like MJ? Did he create something that could make the world better or will transgender thingy make the world better?

What will is children call him now? Dad or Mom? I can imagine!

The world would be blinded and damned to think this actually sit right!

The world is morally decaded and Bruce Jenner just made it worst.

Tell me exactly what you think, if any of this makes absolute sense.


6 thoughts on “Call HIM Caitlyn:Man MADE Woman, an epitome of WHAT?!

  1. he his sick in the brain serious one and as for the award I think they are giving him is death certificate(award) while he his alive….. nice work dear … you rock my world


  2. Hey Enny, it’s nice to be here on your blog again and I hope my blogs become as big as yours.

    Speaking about this trending issue, you so well narrated and expatiated on, I think its insane what he’s done to himself.

    And to celebrate and rant about it like he’s a national hero is greatly insane.

    Well, I’d just stay mute on this issue as I don’t want to engage so much on this issue….all the same, you did justice to the post. Kudos!



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