People Like To Talk #2.

i wrote a part one piece of ‘People Like to Talk’ and i have the part two on the waiting to publish list, pardon my inconsistencies but here it is.

I cannot really tell if it meets my ideal audience but I hope it rings a bell. #blogging101.
I have also put up some random picture conversations and I hope my video will upload this time.

Part one is here- People Like To Talk #1.
People Like To Talk #2.

Humans like to talk, different reasons, different talks but let’s see…


Have we tried to LISTEN? Try that and see your next line of response and   what IF there was something we are missing, what if the person is trying to make you understand his own thoughts?

It is our ability to LISTEN and stretch beyond our own knowledge of reasoning that will open new horizons where everyone can reach a COMPROMISE.

Here is something to reflect:
NEVER talk or say what you don’t know IF you do not have your facts right. Rather than create enmity, better to CLARIFY issues than CONCLUDE. CALL affected parties and reach a compromise.


I have tried and keep trying never to be judgemental about a person or something, what if there was just something else however little? Okay, let me also say..does anyone think it is easy never to be judgemental? I’ll tell you this, why don’t we start from somewhere till we get to that point of never being judgemental?


Read this story here: Have Sex With Him, She Said

We DO NOT have to TALK ALL THE TIME. This is pretty difficult, for some set of people, I have succeeded, for another, its pretty difficult but one ought to keep trying. It is WISDOM to TAlK SILENT. It takes the issue off your mind for a while and gives room for the receiver to REFLECT on his or her actions. It also allows you to see life in a simple way, it’s not everybody that will understand or buy your opinion, for whatever reasons, that is accountable to them ONLY.

If you have personal opinion or vendetta against someone, NEVER use it as a weapon to the subject of discourse, TREAT each situation as they come without prejudice. If you think there’s something you don’t like that’s happening, make it KNOWN on separate grounds, perhaps, the person had an entirely different opinion in mind.


Everyone thinks differently at the same time on any subject. NEVER hold it against them but try to make them understand what you mean. Some people will PROVE STUBBORN but over the course of time, they will eventually LEARN.


TALKING is a BIG PART of our lives.
We all got to keep talking,
But talking right.
We all got to keep trying..
I am… What about you.


And that’s it.


2 thoughts on “People Like To Talk #2.

  1. Well, I can say that in my house, some “attachments” love to talk a lot, and I love to imagine cracking their skulls as well (lol). No joke. Nigerians HAVE to learn to talk less or talk with more precision. Silence is golden indeed.


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