The Third Page Of My Autobiography.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Early Years.”

Okay. I know this post is late but I can’t help it, I have to say something. When I saw this prompt, I was all eyes rolling wondering ‘huh, what would the third page of my autobiography look like?’ Infact what is the first page going to be? How will I start? I guess I’ll know what to write when it is time to write.

I have written short stories or let’s say series about myself, though few people could tell the story was about me.   But to write a serious autobiography about my life will be to write the typical  but distinct:

Introduction: WHO AM I?  am a born writer and fighter.( there is so much to tell here but wait!)

open the next page.

Body of the Autobio…WHAT AM I? Am like a maze, find out how and why.

Please turn over.

Conclusion:WHERE AM I GOING? I’ll be in the beautiful places and dreams where I envisioned myself to be through actions and platforms worthy and great.

What else?

Okay, here, what’s the third page of my autobiography again?

I’ll probably write some pieces about myself. How on one outing with my sis, I started to practice with the fork and knife, i mean the mastery of it, only for the chicken to drop on my legs. Yea…..that’s some of my life pieces.

The autobiography huh?


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