Unmerited Mistake: from upper to lower class.

On #SHARE A STORY with Enny Cole, features Seye Akins who just completed his university education revolving round series of trials and difficulties as well as pressure. His story unfolds…

Upon completion of my NCE programme, I got another admission into the university. I have heard different stories regarding admissions, result processing and the likes but I never knew I would be a victim.

To cut the story short. It was my last semester exams, after spending 7 years schooling and my course adviser called me one day to make one of the hardest decisions of my life.

She said ” would you graduate with a second class lower with your mates or wait till next year while the issue with your results is resolved and you come out with second class upper?”

My head rang a bell a million times, I told her I would call her back so I could think. At first I was confused. There is the glory of a 2’1 and then the glory of graduating with one’s mates especially after such a strenous school year. I could not wait to finish school, I had already started working, I was tired of school and its problems. I couldn’t possibly wait till next year for a 2’1 and I hated a 2:2 as well.

I called my mom, my girlfriend and my brother, they all appeared to be in dilemma as well. I was forced to make a final decision.

This problem started when I was in 200 level going to 300 and I discovered I had an F in one of the history courses, of course, I couldn’t possibly have an F, I read that course like mad. So I summoned courage and went to the lecturer’s office and asked for my results to be shown to me and he agreed. On his sheet, it was a B and it was reflecting an F on the system. why? His PhD student/assistant had made a mistake in my matric number! Mine started with 11, he put 10 and graded it B while 11 which is my actual matric number he graded F because it was assumed the student never wrote the exam since his results couldn’t be found. Upon discovery,  I felt like giving the lecturer a slap.

This costly mistake  by one person! I felt horribly sad, in fact to say I was sad is an understatement. Weeks passed and it was still not rectified. Either the exam officer travelled or the exam board are saying it’s a lie( I felt like killing the head of the team, it wasn’t the time to put his beef with the lecturer in my matters, all i wanted was for him to sign and approve it so it could be uploaded)  and my course adviser really tried fighting for this result, all but to no avail. How worried sick I was. To worsen it, the lecturer went on leave or something, though he had given me the necessary things i needed for fixing the problem, I was missing lectures and unstable as I went from one office to another trying to rectify this issue. I kept checking online if the results had changed to a B but it was still F. Do you know what that means? I was in 400 level by this time and it had not been rectified. I left the matter with my course adviser because I thought I could trust her to handle it. It dawned on me when I checked again and the problem persisted.

I couldn’t possibly have a ‘carry over’ in 400 level and not graduate so I tightened my seat belt and started going here and there to solve the problem.

All said and done..the final result balanced up and it happened that this course was an elective and the system summed up my results with a 2’2. But for the F, when my girlfriend calculated it and according to my course adviser’s calculations as well, it should have been a 2’1.

If I had seen that PhD student, I would have given him a piece of me.
So I chose the decision to have 2’2 and graduate instead of staying one more year. It was hard because i felt terribly discouraged that i would be categorised under the irrelevant grade when it comes to job opportunities but it’ s okay, I moved on. I learnt mistakes can be costly but eventually there would always be light at the end of the tunnel especially for this kind of problem.

This result would not deter me from making it in life because it is not by grades. I have looked passed this mistake and the shame it brought with it. I live for tomorrow because I know it is bright. And for all the people who supported me through this times, a very big thank you. Special thanks to this platform also.

ECB says: what a costly mistake indeed!  I wish you saw that PhD students so you can blast his head off! I mean…why! But I am glad that you moved on. There are no limitations in life except the ones you set for yourself. So it doesn’t matter who says this or that…what matters is to keep your head up high and strive. Thanks so much for being on this platform.

Your excellencies! What do you say?
If you have stories to tell, share and inspire or a need to express your self and your experiences..just dial my number at ennycole574@gmail.com

Till another time.


11 thoughts on “Unmerited Mistake: from upper to lower class.

  1. Everything in life is all about perspectives, it is not a shame graduating with a 2.2, everything is about doing the best whenever or wherever u are called upon. Performance in life is not tied 2 one’s credentials but on one’s potential. There is always a light @ d end of d tunnel

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  2. Did I just read a story about myself because similar thing happened to me? All I can say is that it’s well. God knows best.


  3. Thought it’s a fiction, if it’s not, then I’ve got to say this; success is not glued to certificate or grades but destiny. Cheer up, it’s all for a reason!!!


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