YaayOwanbe! I came into Lagos on Friday and i can tell you that there is no place like home! No wonder some people claim to be Lagosians while others beef Lagos.
I went to parry this saturday with my bobo. I haven’t had a taste of Lagos party for a while and believe me when i say  ‘there are no REAL parties in Benin city.’ Err…the show i attended the other time was drrrrrry. But you know how Lagos parry is.

I arrived at the venue somewhere along stadium hotel and got myself seated near the mamas. It was a birthday party and it was done in grand style. It was one papa that was celebrating and he had a pretty large family.

It was a cool sight with ushers dressed colourfully and serving guys moving about their tasks. First, we had plenty of drinks on our table, then i waited for the food. The jollof and fried rice combo with salad, fish and chicken that i was served was delicious and i took my time savoring the taste and biting through the pieces. I cannot remember the last time i ate such delicious party food. I took two bottles of fayrouz,my favourite, topped it with juice, i was sipping the juice little by little because i was already full but i no wan gree. Even the family of the host that was attending to our table didn’t help my stomach matters. She kept bringing food. Fish and chips, packaged small chops, our table was so full that we had to wait for the table to be cleared before we started to devour the chops. I didn’t touch it, else, my stomach would have bursted open.

Pounded yam, ofada rice, porridge, ice cream, endless list. When i was served one big smoked fish and chips, i could only consume the chips and just stared at the fish,the man on my right teased me. “You must eat that fish oh cos i saw how you were picking that rice” and i laughed.
Then they started to share gifts, you know  Lagos parties no dey carry last in this. I was indifferent about this especially since the mamas were sharing gifts within themselves unless the gifts were small and in excess. If you see how the guest clamoured for beautifully coloured umbrellas they were sharing ehn, I cannot blame them. See big rechargeable lamp, jotters and many more. One particular gift that caught my attention was a towel. I wanted one, see awoof. I had wanted to buy but mehn, see it free right before my eyes so I asked one and hated the disappointment that followed.

I didn’t  take it personal  at first because the woman sharing it was probably scared when the owner said not to give small children after she gave two children seated in front of me. And then she faced me and said ” you heard what she said, not to give small children” and I am like ” huh? Am I a child?‘ Was it my hair or something? I thought. My neighbor chipped in ” how can you call this one small girl, a beg give her towel.” She quickly dropped a white towel with loosed nylon and told me to hide it. Gladly I did. But, I don’t like white towels,  I’ll have to be washing like every week. Nevertheless, I couldn’t exchange, no one wanted white as well. At least, i got one budget item covered for.

This weekend was  a gbam for me. Unlike that dry weekend in Benin city where I was crying blood. That was why i wrote this remember? Death By Boredom!
Am glad I had a lovely weekend to share here before I go back to Benin where tons of work awaits me.

If you are a fan of Lagos, no place like other or let’s say you enjoy Lagos parties, unwinding on weekends, let me hear you say aye!



10 thoughts on “LAGOS PARTY

  1. Hmmm… you und parry. Ain’t no Lagosian but your parry gist left me salivating.

    Can I have the fish? Oh no, she no gree.

    Stop being bigEyed joor, manage the white towel… get some fat like them mamas.

    *slides into ground*

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