Sally picked her bag and dashed out through the kitchen door, her left hand hit the door knob angrily, she winced.
It was a Friday morning, it had snowed, the street lights were still on, looked like someone forgot to turn them off, made the whole place like white haven. She kicked a ball of snow and made her way to her car, it was cold inside. She wished she took her jacket.

Just when she was about to turn on the ignition, Sally remembered something and she jerked forward, almost hitting her chest on the steering,

ran off inside the house, she had forgotten to lock the door! In one mighty step, she was back at the car, drove off with such speed that she nearly hit a passerby on the cross lane.

A frantic phone call and her life at stake, she didn’t want to loose the scholarship. She bit her lips and hissed. The red car in front of her was just too slow and she wanted to ride over it.
I must beat that red light, damn it, move!” Sally muttered.
It was too late because she could spot the red light blinking afar, she slowed her car and hit the steering in frustration.
In split seconds, sally saw the light turn green and jerked the car forward in a screech. She moved with such speed that the car flew right ahead of one car and bashed into others, smashing them badly.

Sally was covered in a pool of her own blood. She could hear voices, faint and distant.
She’s alive! Move, careful with her leg”
“Oh my God, is she alright?”

In a frenzied state, cars started to blow their horns for Sally to move. The light had turned green. She sat rooted to the spot, her hands became slippery, mouth opened agape. She blinked twice and looked to her right, saw the green light and started to cry.

Sally had thought the light turned green when she had an accident. On the contrary, she just had a vision that was real, within the few minutes she slowed down for the red car ahead of her.

There are moments when all things appear to be upside down and we just can’t find answers to the questions life poses to us.
There are times we feel we need to hurry, hurry just to be in time.

Wait,  Stop!

There is time for everything and in the rightness of time, things will manifest as they ought to.

If we do not wait and carefully tread the paths that belongs to us, we will tread on the paths that belongs to another and pay dearly for it


When your mind is all bugged up and life seems like a difficult maze.

Stop! And take a deep breath.
You will be fine.


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