Excuse me, I Am A Bigz Girl!

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So because Rita lived with some big big girls back in school and she likes branded clothes and stuffs, she is a bigz girl?

And because Lekan likes his girl hot and sexy, Mimi went to spend her last pocket money to buy Brazilian and Peruvian hair, she also put on makeup and expensive clothes, she refused to gree for local boys, according to her, they are small boys and cannot meet her status?

Fred is gangster, his real gees knows but he thinks

he is a player who knows good stuffs to do to woo big girls, he dresses like a gentleman, wears Michael kors and Calvin Klein, but inside he’s an ass. So he carries cat eyed Silvia who likes her men bad and   has got big boobs and big pockets and drains her of it.

And Zara talks too much and has nothing more. Than her yaba arranged clothes and fake lifestyle. She goes to the cinema and put on a Gucci, everyone thinks she’s dope. She says I bought this 10,000naira. Actually it goes for 1000bucks.

I hear Tawa is from the village and is the village belle. That’s after she wore a crown from the city as a notorious whore. Her mouth makes a ‘tupakpapa‘ sound when she smacks the gum on them and the village girls thinks she is a role model.

Chichi is a spoilt brat who lacks common sense. Lilian does not know this. She thinks Chichi is fly and high. She aspires to be like her and so she told her poor mother to give her a million naira to buy laptop.

I saw one girl yesterday talking with Rita. She says ” so this slippers goes for 4000naira? I cannot buy this, this should not be more than 1500!”
Rita says it is a designers wear, you cannot see it in the market.

The girl said ” come yaba market, e dey there”
“You don’t want to buy”
“Well? I don’t have the money”
Ahh, you are a big girl now…

“Excuse me I be bigz girl?”


So because Rita lived with some big big girls in school, she likes branded clothes and stuffs, she is a bigz girl?

And I say,

Ladies, stop deceiving yourselves and GET REAL! There is so much freedom in that. If you lead a fake life, you live an enslaved life.

If you love ferari, gucci, dolce and all those designers stuff, can’t you love it decently and don’t shout it?

If you cannot afford it and you love it, can’t you wait for when you CAN really afford it and not STEAL?

Fine, you want to be a bigz girl and do those things we know they do but the question is ” don’t we have decent big girls around that are role models?”

Can’t being a big girl ever be decent and dignified in living?


10 thoughts on “Excuse me, I Am A Bigz Girl!

  1. It is a fake world already. However, nice write-up. D world gotta see it, bcoz me nw sef dey fear 2 talk 2 any girl, bcoz of their ostentatious lifestyle, and datz how sum of dem will miss their husband. #ThisNonsenseMustStop


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