#The MatthewEffect 1.

#Saturday Evening Feature.


When I was younger, in Sunday School, our teacher taught us the story of the Master, his Servants and the Talents. Of course, I had read it prior to her teaching. Finally, I thought, I would get answers.

After reading the passage, my Sunday School teacher told us the moral of the story. “If God gives you a gift or a talent, if you don’t use it, he will take it back.”

It was a lie, back then. It is a lie, right now. And it will be a lie, come tomorrow.

Let’s help clear this confusion.

Fact #1

What is a talent, in modern usage? Many people would say a talent is a natural gift from God.

Now, if someone gives you a gift, it is no longer the property of the giver. It is yours. They can, therefore, not take it back. What that means is that there is an immediate and complete relinquishment of any rights that the giver previously had, as per that gift.

If a talent is a gift, then it cannot be taken back.

Paul writes that “The gifts of God are without repentance”.

God does NOT take back a gift he has given.

Fact #2

The master who was about to travel did NOT give a GIFT. He gave RESOURCES. There is a difference. I shall explain this tomorrow in the series. But it is key that we understand this. It changes the whole dynamics of the understanding of this story if we can grasp this simple truth.

The “talent” we see in that story is completely different from the way we see “talent” in modern usage of the word.

Talent, in that passage, meant MONEY. In today’s equivalent, one single talent is worth millions of dollars.

I believe you are clear on this now.

But how does this change anything? Stay with me. This is about to get interesting.

[to be continued]

…I VALue You!

AKPOVETA, Valentine ‘t



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