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#Prose By The Side.

The restaurant was getting somehow lonely yet crowded, she has been waiting for close to 45minutes and her patience was running out. It was a rendezvous but she would surely lash at him, why would he keep her waiting? She hated to wait, not in this place where people stared at your empty table. She checked her wrist watch, dabbed the sweat from her forehead and stood up. As she walked towards the food counter, her hips swerved and her heels made such a fussy sound that heads turned, she ignored them, it’s time to explode on somebody, too bad, the waitress and whoever is there would take it this afternoon.

“Good afternoon madam, how may…” the red bow tie man at the food counter asked.

“ Tell me what is good about this afternoon! I have been sitting right there for over 30minutesand no one came to take my order and you are here about to tell me bullshit!” she shouted.

The two ladies at the counter stared hard at her, the one with the oval face made a silent hiss, picked up her jotter to take the order. She caught it and got more pissed.

“Oh I see, someone has got nerves, are you going to take my order here while I am standing like I am buying free food?”

“ she was about to come meet you” says the red bow tie man restraining himself from shouting back.

She didn’t bother to listen, she hissed hard and dashed back in quick strides to her table mumbling, the waitress followed her like a puppy.   The bar man bumped into her and she gave him a demeaning stare.

“sorry madam”

“sorry for yourself!’

The waitress handed her the menu book and eyed her mischievously. What a customer, they get this everyday but this woman here cannot come and spoil work for her, she had better calm down else…

“ Are you deaf or something? I said I want chicken and chips with yogurt and you stand there staring like an idiot” she pierced her thoughts with those words and the waitress stamped her feet on the ground to control her temper.

“Madam we do not sell yogurt, the next shop sells yogurt and ice cream”

“If you don’t sell yogurt, why is it on your menu list, you are so slow, what is wrong with this people?”

“Sorry madam” the waitress pleaded, all bony face.

“ Just get me my meal and some juice!” she shouted.

The waitress hurried away, a man in black suit with polished shoes came in, the restaurant was such that the entrance door was conspicuous; all eyes turnedtowards the door, he walked in ignoring the stares, paused and removed his shades, scanned the faces and spotted her at the far corner of the restaurant, he released the buttons on his suit and walked to her table.

“Sweetheart, I am so sorry…”

“ Don’t tell me nonsense!” she exploded.

Continue the story…

What happens next?


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