3 Great and Simple Steps In Achieving Success.


So you want to be successful in life ( yeah, I bet you do) but then you do nothing about it, Okay. You actually did something about it, maybe a little something but there is a problem. Either you cannot seem to FOCUS or your dreams and aspirations appears in such confusing fold that it makes you want to throw it all away into the gutter. Perhaps the problem is that you are too lazy to make a move or you are waiting on God to come down from heaven.

Whether you have a picture of exactly what you want to achieve or not, if you already started up something and want to aim higher or not, if you started to take steps and actions towards your dreams and goals or not or you are still in that dark and shinning alley towards the journey to discovery, I’ll tell you just three(3) great but simple steps you should imbibe to make a successful life in your career, business or dream goals.

Yes, you know these steps but then you don’t, that’s because you skip it and never follow it. You have heard of taking action, planning, training, networking, investing in time and all that stuff, all these are equally important but may not work if you do not follow these more important steps I am about to share.



Once, I asked a friend what he wanted to achieve and he told me briefly, I asked further, do you have them outlined and he said pointing a finger to his head “it’s all up here, don’t worry, in time, it would work out”

I got into conversation with another friend on chat one time and a topic on goals arose and I asked her what she wanted to do after her university programme and she told me “ let me finish school first, then I’ll take it up from there”

I have even heard of someone who loved doing something and could actually get productive with that but refused. Maybe he was scared or not ready or simply lazy, I cannot tell.

You see, these responses above seem okay but vain. One of the simplest but powerful habits I have developed my life is to write things down in my crash book as they come, however the form.

Write down the thoughts of the moments. Those that come unsought for are commonly the most valuable. Francis Bacon Sr.

There is power when you pen down ideas and thoughts because you see greatness in folds. Enny Cole.

Find that vision and dream and write it down, brainstorm, think about it constantly and pen down any thought or idea that comes from it. Written goals are very important because they give you further insight into your goals, it opens room for more idea generation and helps to develop action plan towards achieving such a goal.

It is when you pen down goals that it becomes clearer, if it is your head, then it’s all up in your head and it stays there, writing it down is different. Enny Cole.

Written goals serves as a reminder and focus point for your goals. It does not only give you a clearer vision about yourself but also help organize your priorities, making you accountable and responsible for the actions towards your dreams.

Got that vision, dream, goal or idea? PEN IT DOWN. Try it.



It is never enough to just take a course of action to achieving a goal without being conscious of it. So you and your friends hang out from 2pm -7pm everyday doing what? Watching movies, at the mention of the latest movie, oh yea, you seen it or is it that you spend time going to parties every weekend?

There are always sacrifices to make on the journey to greatness. Enny Cole.

Deliberate efforts are activities that can be sustained for a fixed period of time each day and in which exhaustion must be avoided. Conscious efforts are activities you are alert to, things that you are aware you must do and keep up with. You may think you are good therefore do not need conscious and deliberate efforts to make to keep at it but you see, being good is not the word. Aim best.

In carrying out your outlines, action plans, even the ones that exist somewhere in your head, no matter what form, you need to be conscious and be deliberate about it. You are having that meeting after work by 4pm with your colleague and skipping the evening football match not because you can but because you have to. You are being deliberately conscious of this action because it’s a step to achieving one out of 5 of your goals. Being conscious and deliberate is not to be enjoyed of course, it is to improve performance, this step is not so easy yet simple if you commit to it though it may take time, try.

This step not only improve performance and productivity, it helps you value time. You must be conscious of the success you want to achieve and what better way than to be deliberate in the steps you take to achieving it?

Got that vision, dream, goals or idea? Make conscious and deliberate efforts. Try it.

Have you ever wondered why it is hard to wake up every day and do your morning devotion and pray before setting out for the day? I’ll tell you in the next step. It’s even worse if you are a banker or a mother in a house full of 10 children, least she would do, wake up earlier than usual or postpone it, don’t even let us start on postponement; it is a terrible disease.



It really takes a lot of hard work to become an expert in something. There is a man I admire for his disciplined consistency with his profession, every morning, when you turn on your phone, you will find him first, I have pondered on just how he manages to do what he does swiftly and painless. So one day, he told me it is called being disciplined. I have not quite worked it out perfectly myself but I try. Imagine you are a singer/producer and you get to make 5 songs/beats in a day and you are up about it, as in, you do this every day without flinching, tell me won’t your beats be among the top rated? Your success will skyrocket. I am not telling you to wake up every day and do your thing 10times, what I am telling you is to be disciplined and consistent in whatever goals you are meant to achieve.

It is when you have a disciplined consistency to a goal that you become an expert in that goal. Enny Cole.

Maybe you decide to wake up every day by 4am to keep up with tons of work for the day, then do wake up by 4am and when your alarm sounds and you stretch and timed it to 4:30am thinking,I’ll just get 30 minutes more sleep, then it rings in your ears again and this time you woke up by 6am! When it rings by 4am, rise up even in the discomfort of being torn away from your bed, that’s discipline. The next day, don’t say “ I woke 4am yesterday, let me sleep and I’ll continue tomorrow” if you eventually follow it through the next day and days after that, then that’s consistency! You get?

Discipline is a controlled behavior and to achieve success, you must learn to control your behavior and attitude towards achieving that success. Being disciplined in something is to be systematic about it.

Consistency is to be regular at doing something. That’s why practice does make perfect.

Got that vision, dreams, goals or ideas? Have a disciplined consistency. Try it.

And that’s a wrap. These steps are simple but not easy. There is no harm in trying. You will excel but first try it, let’s see how determined you are in becoming successful.

So who is going to try first?


8 thoughts on “3 Great and Simple Steps In Achieving Success.

  1. Hi friend. Though i pretend not to read your blog sometimes and refuse to comment, this piece change my mind. This is just too wonderful and i will like to read other steps bcos u kept me guessing . God bless your sweet spirit with more inspiration teachings


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