Does everyone in every nation have potential to be great? The answer is YES! But has everyone actualize this potential? The answer is NO. It is often said that great nations are built by great people and every one has the potential to be great, IF only YOU allow it.

In becoming great and making a great nation, thus changing lives, there are key things to note. Accepting responsibility to cause a change, making sacrifices for such change and taking action. The transformation process radiates round:

  • Having a vision, desire for change in something,
  • A personal responsibility to such, your country will not be built by anyone else but you.
  • A personal transformation( I cannot expect a change unless I change, I must become the change i wish to seek in others.
  • Collective engagement/action represented by a value system everyone easily abides to.
  • Which will birth national transformation.

Last year or so, i became a trained value based leadership representative because I was opportune

to attend a value based leadership training organized by Gemstone Nigeria where leadership training guru, Fela Durotoye shares ten values that will change your life. These values are easy to abide, it would influence your decisions, and actions, develop your habits and lifestyle, build your culture and reputation and ultimately give you brand results.

The change we need is to flush a new value system to people that is beneficial to all and acceptable by all tribes.

VALUE 1: Make A Positive Impact On Everyone I Meet And Everywhere I Go.

VALUE 2: Be A Solution Provider And Not A Part Of The Problem To Be Solved.

VALUE 3: Be A Role Model Worthy Of Emulation.

VALUE 4: Be The Best In All I Do, Particularly The Things I Am Naturally Good At.

VALUE 5: Do The Right Thing At All Times Regardless Of Who Is Doing The Wrong Thing.

VALUE 6: Value Time And Make The Best Use Of It.

VALUE 7: Care And Show Respect Through My Words And Actions.

VALUE 8: Consciously Build A Great Legacy Starting Now, Today And Everyday.

VALUE 9: Live A Life Of Integrity And Honour

VALUE 10: Make My Family, My Nation And My God Proud.

My Personal Creed to back up these values and work towards fulfilling them.

This day, I hereby commit myself to live a lifestyle of leadership and excellence and to do all within my power to transform my country into a most desirable nation to live in. to this end, I will.

The next step is to start acting on these values and pass it to others till it gets to millions of people who want to make a change for themselves and their country at large. However to incorporate these values in our lifestyle, one will have to go through a well structured value infusion stage in order to ensure successful outcomes.

If you are ready and believe in these values and its ability to cause a great change, It would be an honour to train through the value infusion stage 10 persons who are willing to make a change in their world, for free. Send a mail with your name, country and the subject “ Gemstone Value Infusion Training” to ennycole574@gmail.com

It is time for great changes and the time starts NOW.



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