Once Upon A Prose.. #2

#Prose By The Side.
Once Upon A Time…

Abdul sat across the lawn in deep thought, he shouldn’t have come to work today, it was just meaningless, he barely had the transport fare to go back home and he was thinking he could ask his boss for some.
Mrs Okey was in the office again, a very stubborn obstruction to Abdul’s supposed request. She would rant and rant about nothing and he often wondered what she talked about and how his boss coped.

He didn’t know when Onome tapped him.

“Na wa ooh, na so you dey think? Na still this matter?”

“My sister!” Abdul laughed, “I tire for the matter, wetin we go do, if I see something better, I’ll just leave”.

“Well, I won’t be coming tomorrow, what’s the point, I don’t have anything doing” she said as she walked away.

“I can relate with that” Abdul shouted within earshot.

It was the usual around here, everyone came whenever they wanted to, even the bosses came late and whenever they chose to, it was a big problem left hanging. Abdul himself will not bother to come to work tomorrow, sitting at home and looking for other opportunities to better himself was than this jobless non payment of 4months old salary state.

Mrs Okey came out from the office and Abdul braced himself. He would wait for 5minutes after she is gone before he goes in to table his request.
Just a minute to when the time struck 3pm, Mrs Okey came back in and Abdul bit his lips in frustration.
She is a devil. Abdul thought.

Finish this story… What happens afterwards, the best well suited story ending wins a gift. Hit the comment box with your story ending, add your name and phone number.



4 thoughts on “Once Upon A Prose.. #2

  1. Everybody went home early that day. Only Abdul stayed…. suddenly some dark force from the parallel world came, it came and went like a bullet train… and while leaving, it left a money bank unlike any other. After it went Abdul investigated the bank. It was a small book with two openings. He accidentally let a small pencil through one of the openings. And then two pencils came from the other end. He was thrilled, and spent an entire day doubling what money he had. Soon the other day the force came once again and took back what it left behind. On that day Abdul had plenty enough to buy the company, and so he did… The first thing that he changed was the working time….


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