Monday Musings.

I attended a professional training programme i started weeks ago. I sat with a colleague of mine from Lagos and stared at the big textbook. Then we flipped open the pages and looked at each other. I peeped back into the book and tried to decipher its content, then i looked up confused.

He laughed. After four plus something years in the university and we are on another reading journey and it looked like i had never been through the four walls. The contents of the textbook appeared alien to me; i was worried scared not because of the contents per say but that academic reading , that phase has started again!

Over the past months away from school and we are already feeling too lazy to study. My friend said didn’t we jam pack courses back in school and read them? So what’s the big deal about taking another course along with the one we just started. I looked at him with the side of my eyes, he knew he was deceiving himself because, well?  hey guy! Relax. One step at a time. Hmmmm now i can tell you the exam is fast approaching and i haven’t opened the book!

So i went to church the other day and the pastor’s wife stepped on the podium and starts to do her usual, welcome first timers and sort. I watched her and i saw she wasn’t happy, something was wrong, when the church closed, i studied her firmly during the sister’s meeting as she expressed disapproval over the nonchalant attitude of sisters towards the payment to be made. But i could sense it that this wasn’t what was making her unhappy, i could already read why she was in that mood but i needed to be sure.. Then i saw her husband the pastor, he walked lazily towards us, his shoulders dropped and passed us to talk to someone and then it hit me firmly. Both of them have issues and it was affecting them. They probably had a quarrel and were not talking freely with each other and could not even realise it. Maybe I am wrong but well? I doubt.
I told a friend and he looked at me and said something.

Come to think of it…why does my writing look ugly and scattered on this book?  Today is Monday and hell! Mondays ain’t pretty.
I feel so lazy, my body is lazy to get up from bed but my mental state is not, infact, i am writing this on my bed. That awkward moment when you need money to do lot of things and it isn’t coming and you have to make sacrifices on your savings and manage to get those things you need because you really need them! Ooooof! and when you tell someone to help with cash and they tell you okay! Okay then what? Arrrrgh.

So i got tired, yes really tired of sharing my post, i mean, whatever! There was a time i even got upset about it. Mehn…..nothing comes easy. I just have to keep working to generate more readers and i thank God on how far i have come. I started this blog in 2013, i was in 300 level and i used to borrow my roommate’s hotspot just to post, i wasn’t even serious, i would post and share only to few who i never prompt to read until sometimes later. Then i had like 628 views there about. That’s for 2013 only oh. My bbm family seemed contented with my broadcast on Snippet stories on Sundays but i had bigger plans. School won’t let me so i struggled with blogging and writing until 2015, i started to get really serious about it and here we are! I remember i started blogging just because i wanted to just write and be read. It is more than just that now. Na beg i dey beg, please always share my post and continue to read, i am open to corrections and suggestions, if not what’s my blogging 101 and 201 class for? Thank you so much readers, i value you.

What else? I guess that’s all for today. Till nextweek on this.


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