10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me.

#Friday Me.


Today, I want to dedicate this post to myself and my readers. I’ll be sharing some pieces about what most people do not know about me, I have carefully selected things people may already be familiar with yet appears strange to them, it is not their fault, if you study me, you may never graduate. So here are the  top 10 things about my very self! Enjoy reading and do tell me what you think.

1. I Am A Trouble Maker.
And sarcasm is my best friend! I am not just a trouble maker, I am an adorable one. I tend to play with people I am very fond of. I do not know how to explain this but I do know this my trouble making skills exists in different forms depending on who you are.
I can decide to pick up my phone and dial your number repeatedly without really placing a call through, I’ll be giggling at the other end while I picture a worried and perhaps an annoying look on your face as you keep picking your phone thinking it was an actual call only to see that I am disturbing you with flash. Sometimes my trouble making skills comes up when arguing, I can argue for Africa but this tends to have reduced a bit, I can go on to the point of looking for trouble when I see someone is being unreasonable, I can shoot up sarcasm to intimidate someone who I feel makes absolutely no sense. Pardon me.

Other times, i play on words and sarcasm, you may ask me something and I’ll say “ask Google” that’s just my way and I am sorry if I caught you on the wrong day but you know….I just can’t help it.

2.  I Can Be Controversial.
Well well….look what we have here, how many agree to this? Thing is, my brain is on a 24/7 working clock, even in my lazy state, I am thinking of something. So if I see a random post somewhere or someone is talking about a topic I am seeing in another perspective, be ready for a debate till we reach a compromise or you back down or I just decide to lock up ‘cos it isn’t worth it. If I do something to you that you do not like and instead of telling me, you put up a status/front that deliberately points to me( don’t ask me how I’ll know, wait for number 3) or you start to misbehave around me… You are so done for. I’ll intimidate and drag you out from start to finish, you will beg me to stop. I do not do pretense and I always have reasons for my actions, sometimes I may hurt you without realising it, but that doesn’t mean you should pinch me at my back because I’ll never do such, if you have issues with me, tell me, we will deal with it, if you go behind my back and say trash about me or do anyhow, pray I don’t find out or …God have mercy….. Hell!

3. I Am A Sensitive B***h, Weird Also.
I am sorry if this isn’t what you expect but that’s just it. Kill me if you can. I can easily perceive when something goes wrong or if we are having issues or if something that has to do with me is on your mind. This usually happens when I am very familiar with a person or a place and more importantly, if I am paying attention. I have a strong sixth sense that tells me what people are thinking at a particular point in time, don’t ask me for further explanations. I could read words on paper and decipher someone’s feelings and trust me, I am right at least 70% of the time. I have tested myself in this, that’s why I can say so.
Being weird for me is acting differently from what is expected; some people see me and expect me to talk to them in certain ways or to play a big girl role, my dear…you are on your own. I love being myself. With my exposure and the way I relate with people, sometimes they tell me I am kinda weird because they expect my behaviour to be entirely different in relation to whatever they know about me. But you see, this girl here isn’t bound by anything! So I attended one of the prestigious secondary school and even university in Nigeria and you expect me to form or act like it… Sorry to disappoint you.
I’ll  keep telling you anyday, I love simplicity, I am not a fashion or food freak…you know that line…

Another part of this is I hurt easily. Gosh! How do I explain this? The smallest of things that I ought to overlook can hurt me; especially when I care too much or something is just morally wrong. Of course, most people think I am mrs macho and probably never should get hurt so they always find it hard to believe i could hurt or something. I also fall in and out of moods. Trust me, you do not want to be caught in it.

4. I Am Sometimes Impatient.
But I am working on it. When it comes to having a fulfilled day and getting things done or anticipating some form of feedback on an issue, count me in with impatience. I want instant replies when i press the enter button when sending important messages to people. I want it now, not later and believe me when I say this has cost me many times. I believe in the holy book that says wait! It would happen. But this is not easy. Part of this also is i can be very persistent when I want to achieve something at a certain time, my lack of patience drives my persistency, I’ll push you till you fall for it, I am sorry, it is just my way.

5. I Am Strict Or So I Thought.
I have people tell me to break my principles and free myself ( round of applause, you win) because I run along certain lines of boundary. I am the type that would let my kids go to bed latest 7:30 or let them eat light in mornings and evenings, teach them thoroughly what they need to know and will scold them firmly if they misbehave. I’ll boldly tell how you lack manners or courtesy if I have to and yes I am a preacher of how you should be a gentleman. This doesn’t imply that I follow rules all the time, I only follow rules that are applicable and reasonable, if it isn’t, forget it, I’ll bend them in your face and I’ll tell you why.

You cannot kiss me in public, yes I mean it is public, we are in public…the ground would probably swallow me if you try it and I’ll be mad at you for a millisecond( I like adventures of this kind, yet…) And of course, I know how to handle the men in my own way if I have to. My firmness radiates through me. I don’t take shit from people unless i have scores to settle within myself, i would treat your fuck up nice and smooth if you get to me, i don’t do violent. I have soften a bit in my strict nature and tend to be more flexible these days as I grow because I realise there are certain things and times when strict becomes handy or not. Besides, life should be easy.

6. I Am Never Scared Of Opposition.
If you want to be better than I am, I’ll be glad because you are trying to achieve and be someone great. I admire people who strive, even people who are in the same line with me, never for once, do i get scared of them, instead it drives me crazy enough to work harder. I do not try to concentrate on opposition’s flaws or brood over how successful they are becoming at whatever. What I do is to appreciate, admire or inquire. I want to be better so why should I be scared of competition? I am usually surprise at myself with this. While I may be scared of a competition, I can never be scared of the competitor and this is partly due to the fact that I believe greatly so much in myself and my abilities.

Another angle is this, if you do not like me, oh that’s fine- I do not like you either, doesn’t move or scare me. It may not be rosy on my side especially if I see that you do not like me nor hide it, that can irritate me, I can walk up to you and tell exactly what’s on my mind to your face or just shove you at the back of my head, you do not exist for all I care ( don’t worry, I am working on it, God said love your enemies…hmmm), however, I am likable whether I am nasty or nice, you cannot help it. Some people get so mad at me for not talking to them that they can’t help it, they would spring something up and make me talk, and you know I like to talk. The last thing i would do is force myself on someone. Aha!  I do not like people that show or pretend, i can spot them from far and I’ll be sure to stay clear of them. On a last note, my self esteem is high so if you are trying to compete with me and expect that I’ll  be sad at the thought, I laugh in Spanish. Hahahahhahajjdhekrjkrkr.

7. I Am Softhearted, Emotional And  Nice Yet Stubborn Than I Pretend Not To Be.
You see…softhearted is not the word here because I am not easily moved like that. My mind is like a cement block, there are explanations for this. If you see me, I am a representation of toughness but beneath that, I am soft at heart, I do not want to believe this, it is like I am discovering more of myself about this aspect I buried for so long so I cannot say this for certain but I’ll say i am emotional, it is hard to see me cry but I cry, for those of you who think I am too strong not to cry. I cry at the foolishness of things like watching a movie. I shed inner tears that sting my eyes,if care is not taken, I would shed them uncontrollably when I have just had an argument or talk with someone I care about and he/she just gets me wrong or think bad of me and the situation at hand.
I can also boldly tell you I am nice, I do not believe so, I know so and won’t bother explaining so. I know the right thing to do in situations that calls for them IF I want to, given you have played a good part.

Lastly, this bae is stubborn, I think it has reduced, I am too strong willed not to follow through my mind, whether I’ll be beaten for it or not.

8. I love People But They Do Not Know It.    
Don’t ask me why, I can’t tell. I do not know.  I love life and people. I appreciate the people around me and try my best to be there for them. It is my love for people that makes me not to be able to stand myself whenever I reply to some requests negatively. I cannot explain this well. What i know is I value friendship, relationships with people and all that. Most people find it hard to believe my love for them especially when I am at their beck and call, should I set a reminder?

9. I Am An Introverted Extrovert.
Yup!! I keep to myself and at the same time, I like to venture out. When it comes to being private and staying indoors all day( trust me, I’ll be busy with something), count me in. When it comes to going out to have fun or just take a walk, be outside, equally, count me in. I can talk as much as I want to and still keep to myself. You may never know many things about me unless you push. I am that private yet public. If it’s all books and papers, I am there, if it is all fun and parties, I do not dull, unless I am not interested, I am there. I like to think of myself as being in the middle of an introvert and extrovert. I do not over do. I am much deeply into myself as I am also deeply into the outer world.

10. I Am A Bloody Goal Getter And Planner.
And I pull everyone i can along.  Some people like to say I am a career woman, that’s their opinion. I am very much interested in career as I am interested in love, life, family and more. I plan my days and my years, wake me up from sleep and ask me who I am and what I am going to become and I’ll tell you. Every step I take must be in line with my goals and dreams. I am a big dreamer and I run along the fine lines of achievement.  I am not yet through with myself and all my plans. In being a goal getter, I try to help others in the best way that i can, I see a picture where I am surrounded by successfuls, I do not want a situation where as I grow, others do not grow along. Yes we all have different dreams but I’ll be glad if everyone reach achieving those dreams.
I try to help people find their dreams and outline their goals as i do mine because I believe so much in having relevance. As a goal getter, I am committed to whatever cause I find myself in. I work with the intent to excel, whether it’s my company or not. I do not embrace limitations, I try to crush them. In my goal getter state, I love being organised and to plan. They are key elements to arriving at success.
I am not surprised when with my relations with people, they tend to think I am way older than my actual age. It is called Focus, if you are looking for that focused person, I am your right man.

So if you see me hell bent on a task, do not be surprise, just take a deep breath and dive.
And that sums it up. 10 things about me. There are more, but this ten will do, I took my time summarising some in it. Which of them can you relate with? Found any? Tell me. If not, well…how wonderful!



21 thoughts on “10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me.

    1. Do I? I don’t. Don’t confuse anger with hurt. I don’t get angry often though it always appear so in front of people, what happens mostly is I bruise easily. Me being angry and hurt are two different things, for me. Though both actions may appear somewhat the same.


  1. 3, 5,6,7,8,9… is soooo me. I can relate to almost everything you wrote here. I was going to ask you your birth month. I am a taurean btw and two of my taurean friends exhibit most of these attributes. Just like you, my friend K derives joy from sacarsm.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sean was here!
    I’m pretty sure you didn’t write everything about yourself. Not that you forgot. It’s just that we don’t understand everything about ourselves. Sometimes we are enigmatic to ourselves. I read through meticulously and I think you shouldn’t be shy to do PDA. Lol. Thanks for this piece though. I see it as a guide to dealing with you.


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