Benin Men Are Ridiculous!


Imagine walking into an office, along the way, you see a small crowd of people, obviously waiting for something and one of them leaped forward  grinning and shouting “come here!”
He grabbed my hand almost immediately and i jerked it off him and shouted back “come on, leave me alone!”

Everyone laughed and one man told me not to mind him, he was joking. I didn’t know whether to get upset or not, I just entered the office bone faced. I remembered he was the talkative who had disturbed my passage on my way to the ICT center.

Benin Men Are Ridiculous.

Then he came later to ‘play’ with me wanting to collect my number because he likes me. What guts!

I never wanted to write this post but make it a passing thought until i encountered one stupid situation. And then another, and another. This morn!

Is this the way men behave here or is it a season of irrational behaviour and outright stupidity or what? Is it for fun or foolishness sake? I am sorry if you are from Benin but then, heck! I ain’t sorry because i am kinda in a dissing mood.

It started this way, i went on errands for my boss when two Benin guys boys walking at my back called out and said something they thought was funny and would make me laugh, i just stared at them hard, walked back into the gate still staring at them, they wondered and i let them drown in their foolishness. Why would you just see someone passing by and make a remark you thought will elicit a response? Are you a mad person ni! My experience with so called Benin guys has taught me silence was the best answer for such Benin fools.
The second time it happened again, how this guy and his walking partner saw the biscuits in my nylon, i don’t know, one said we would eat the biscuit together, just like that? Like, excuse me? Are you crazy? As usual, i didn’t answer. Answer and then they try to get your number or talk to you anyhow. Rascals.

As if that wasn’t enough, i boarded a bus one day and was later the only passenger in the bus as everyone had alighted. I looked ahead just in time to catch the driver staring at me, I was like ‘anything?’ He said something about how pretty I was, asked where I was heading or just something that made me smile. A smile just to reply politely and face my forward. He gave me a shocker when he asked me for my phone number and I was like ” is it because I smiled at you?” This is serious.

Benin men would take any opportunity they get to talk to you, get your number and call you and probably profess their love stories to you!

The situation that called for this story is that a man walked into the office and asked after my boss and the clerk and I told him they weren’t around. He mentioned something about wanting to take some papers, proceeded to the desk and started shuffling some papers.. I watched in disbelief, then I asked ” excuse me, are you a teacher? “ he replied in the affirmative.

You don’t just come in here and start to shuffle papers, you saw me in here, you are supposed to tell me exactly what you want and I’ll handle it because if anything misses, I’ll be held responsible”.
He started to shout ‘who are you?”
I am a corper and I stay in this office!” I replied sternly.

I do not know you…”
” hell…I do not know you either! In fact, I have never seen you before in my life”

He started to say why didn’t I introduce myself.

Like seriously? Is this man okay?
You walked into an office, met someone and courtesy demands you ask to be attended to, state your reasons for coming and you are there asking me to introduce myself.. Are you for real?

You were not sitting down when I came so…
This man is crazy! So I must be sitting down before you will know someone is in the office, you met me arranging papers and expect I just entered someone’s office to do so? Just like that? He was really talking like he was very right and I was just pissed off.. I let my tongue loosed telling him the right thing he was suposed to have done. He threatened to report me, that even got me excited, I told him to f**– go ahead! Does he think I am afraid of him?
Benin men….

Next? Someone somewhere liked me and started to pick interest in me, at first I thought it was this platonic attitude and relationship amongst colleagues until he asked me out and to think he was a married man. I just bamboozled him with questions and a reminder that he was a married man after all. Some people don’t have conscience.

Then this morning, one bent old man needed my help in fetching water. Pride won’t let him as I told him I didn’t get his description. It was distorted. I proceeded to ask a younger fellow and that was when he got more vexed and started to talk about respect. I was already getting irritated…I had to ask him if he was fighting me, it was funny, you needed my help and you are fighting me? On a little issue? Who does that?

I may well decide not to go and nothing would happen. I told him blankly. I insisted that he let me fetch the water for him and stop trying to argue like one offended him just because I asked a younger person to describe the place. With inaccurate description, I went and fetched him the water, I later realised he was saying a different thing from what he actually meant while describing, reason for my confusion. Even fellow workers laughed at the scenario. He later thanked me.

Lastly, I was to take a keke marua home, I saw a man guy sitting at the entrance of the keke and using one’s initiative, he was supposed to shift inside while I take my seat but he didn’t, he was too daft too and another commuter helped his daftness. That one went to turn in order to enter the bus instead of telling the young man to shift so he can take his seat.

I was tired and the bag I carried hung loosely in my hand as I approached the keke only for this guy to act so stupidly. I told him to shift, he looked at me, probably he thought i was one of those Benin girls because I could read it from his eyes, and I was ready. Ready to blast… Then he told me to go and turn and I am like… I should go and turn for what? Why the hell should I turn when he was supposed to shift? I questioned.

He said should he come down so I could enter inside? I knew the trick, the coconut head didn’t want to sit inside but he thought he saw a fool who would. It was annoying that he couldn’t understand that if he wanted to sit at the edge, he should never had entered the bus in the first place but waited for people to enter! How will he tell me to go turn? Tired me to go turn, even if i was not tired, i would not turn. I was pissed for a minute but was too tired to express myself. I gave him a long stare on the spot, my eyes were hot and my mouth pouted in an angry fashion, then I hissed and moved to the next bus. I heard the driver or someone saying “what happened?”

I just shouted “idiot! no stand up for there when you reach bus top” and as the bus moved i wished I had a glance at him so I could tell him waka! I ruled out any further conversation, I was just not in the mood and as I got home later, I hated it that the guy never had a piece of my mind. That awkward moment when you regret not fighting someone… LOL

As if that wasn’t enough again, I noticed one maami water light skinned Benin girl with a conspicuous Benin body marks on her belly, forming fine English, she was dressed in red from head to toe, a short wavy like top and long flowing skirt, a man was seated beside her conversing and as they alighted, I took better glances at them. It was amusing, her attire was very funny to me like she was ready for an Indian dance with belly button showing.

It was even more amusing to see the man was at her beck and call.

Benin Men are indeed ridiculous!



10 thoughts on “Benin Men Are Ridiculous!

  1. Very funny and entertaining. Informative read the whole thing by accident looking up Benin men because I was reading Equiano and wanted to no more about Benin. Stumbled across this and glad I did. Keep it up

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