Yaay! Finally through with my professional exams, pardon my absence! Here is something for ya!


Instinct or Fear?

Photo Credit: Dreamstime


Truth be told; your fears will always do two things to you;

Lie to you and
Lie about you.

Recurring experiences have thought me this;

Fear could be an enemy or a compass, depending on how you want to harness it. Many times, the dictates of fear are always in the exact opposite direction of where we are meant to go.

Watch it, the very steps that will lead to the evolution of your life are the most feared (with logical and very convincing reasons).

A great friend of mine told me recently the story of how he powerfully delivered on a project he feared he couldn’t initially. He did not only deliver, but he has by the experience of the job added an extra cash cow to his barn.

I once was approached by a revered older friend to carry out a task. To his mind I was good at it. For me, at the mention of the task I almost shat in my pants. Not only did I deliver it, I also got more…

Many times we actually CAN; our fears would rather tell us otherwise. But to the smart, it is an indicator of where you ought to go. So why not let it lead you rather than destroy you.

There is a thin line between INSTINCT and FEAR, many times, what people are listening to is not instinct, but fear.

FEAR would at any time want to reduce a 60Cubits large dream to a 6cubits small dream (with logical and very convincing reasons).

INSTINCT wouldn’t; instead, it would grant you an intuitive judgement about the best way to go about the 60Cubits big dream.

May you have the wisdom to always discern the difference between the two per time.

Please do have a great day;
Go on today and BE all you’re MEANT and DESIGNED to BE!

Still me;
Paul Shola Oguntade

~I think, I write, I speak, I CREATE, I earn.

Paul Shola Oguntade is a purpose driven inspirational writer. He is an epitome of creativity and spark.


4 thoughts on “INSTINCT OR FEAR?

  1. An excellent post! Here is a quote I am planning to use in a post soon…it is in French
    “Ce n’est pas parce que les choses sont difficiles que nous n’osons pas c’est parce que nous n’sons pas qu’elles sont difficiles”( Sénèque 4 av.J.C.-65)
    My rough Translation is…
    “it is not because things are difficult that we don’t dare do them, it is because we don’t dare do them that they are difficult!” You are spot on with your post, Enjoyed reading what you had to say.

    Liked by 1 person

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