I have been waiting a long time and today will be the end of it all. I disgust him, he said. But that’s alright because I will disgustingly watch him die and go to hell, he will die by my hands.

“He will die at my hands today!” I shout in fury. Bode is a bully who not only troubles me at school but also send the girls to boo at me during lunch break and will not let me play football. He makes my life a living hell as I am afraid of him.

My scissors is ready in my pocket, all I have to do is drive it into his back or stomach just like in the movie yesterday and have my sanity and freedom.
I check my watch and look up just in time to see him approaching the football pitch with his gang of fools. I spit on the ground and hiss.

He calls us together to form a circle, since he is the head of the team, he calls the shots but today, the table will turn. So I move forward out of the circle to face him. This is my moment, I rub the scissors smoothly in my pocket, everyone is surprise but I don’t care.
He walks over to face me, then push me as I fell, I stood up quickly, I am breathing heavily now, my mouth pouts in anger, sweat trickles on the scissors in my pocket.

“You shit in your pants and need to go home to your mommy boy? What is the matter? he said mockingly, waving his hands repeatedly to my face, they all start to laugh.

With hands still in pocket, I stand rooted to the spot and swallow hard.


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