Old Cask: The Really Strong men drink

It has been a while here. I told you i would be buried in my personals, i hope you took my lead, #team build up yasef! Hurray! but not no worry people….. Look what i have here!

Another on SHARE A STORY with Enny Cole. Do  you have stories or experiences to share? Do  send me a mail @ ennycole574@gmail.com
Let everyone learn a thing or two from  you.
Remember  this post?
Top Lessons I Learnt From Being Drunk

On SHARE A STORY today, Adetola shares his drinking experience …Enjoy and do say what you think.

Have you ever gotten drunk?
( oh yes! I have… Trust me, arrrgh!!)

I will tell you my story about the most dangerous drink I’ve ever tasted in my life, in a country of little implementation of laws, as a student, I was invited to a birthday party by some of my friends and I reluctantly agreed to attend while having a kinda bad premonition about it, so I got dressed as the Oluwafineboy that I was, always keeping up with the public appearances.

On getting there, my friend offered me food which I refused because I knew it was prepared with WEED, I’m light-headed so I didn’t want to risk misbehaving in the public, so I said I was just going to drink wine just to take something at least, then here it comes, like a ray of sunshine in a dark alley, such an ugly looking bottle but a sight to behold, crested on it is ‘Whiskey’s Old Cask XXX Rum’ I said ‘ I think I’ve found the wine to drink this night’.

Well my friends and some ‘Bros’ there told me that they were scared of the drink because it’s for the really strong men and against their advice, claiming I’m stronger than I look, took a shot of the drink, 5 minutes after I downed the drink, I was feeling the effect of taking a whole bottle of VODKA.and all eyes were on me just like 2pac, I just had to compose myself and form like ‘nothing dey happen’ but deep down, I was wishing I could just fly back to my hostel, 2hrs journey. I didn’t even try to stand up, because I knew my legs are now lighter than that of a Baby’s leg, still composing myself, a friend of mine came and poured another round for me, not to fall my hand, I downed it gently and slowly but ‘Evil na Evil’. 5minutes after that, my friends told me it was time to go back to the hostel, now that was where the real Wahala started, to stand up now without people noticing my drunkenness was a big problem, harder than Numerical Computation(the hardest course I’ve taken in school so far) at this time, so I told my friend that we should all stand up together because I knew that my leg would ‘fail’ me.

We held each other and stood up like nothing happened and walked gently and manly towards the staircase which was problem #2, I literally crawled down the stairs, then told my friend that we should pass the back road because I could not bare embarrassing myself in front of those girls that are noticeably crushing on me at the main road, on getting to my hostel, unfortunately for me, my girlfriend and 5 of her friends were in my apartment, I just dragged my staggering self to my room and at the same time laughing like a Fool, at that moment, different crazy thoughts were popping into my head and when I laid on the bed, it was like the bed was standing on its own and throwing me off, I started shouting at the bed to behave before I beat it.

My girlfriend never really noticed what happened, she just thought it was one of my tricks to escape her friends obnoxious chats, I was standing for close to 4hours looking at a bed on the ground like it was standing, it got to a stage it felt like the walls were compressing me, then I went to the kitchen to get what to eat, at that moment I was thinking out loud and I was in a state of total confusion, got to the kitchen and forgot the reason I was there and I started dancing to a song that only i could hear, it was at this point that my friend who narrated the story to me asked my girlfriend to get yoghurt and sleeping pills before I run mad…

Well to skip the other dramas that ensue, I woke up on the kitchen cupboard, and don’t ask how I got there because I did not even know all this happenings until my friends started making fun of me 3days later when I was finally awake and in my right senses… Since then I’ve never tasted any alcoholic drink, even malt, I don’t take, if I want to take something tasty I will rather buy fruit juice, yoghurt or Zobo as the money can afford, Please if you ever see ‘Whiskey’s Old Cask XXX Rum’ anywhere, advice is to not even touch the bottle, because it is the most dangerous drink I’ve ever tasted in my life and I don’t want to ever relive the experience… Not funny but my Step-Dad will say Use your tongue to count your teeth.

Drink Responsibly!

But for me, it is drink no more.

Oluwafineboy (Daniel Adetola Nelson)


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