They came like a swarm of bees.
I almost got stung!
They gush out like pure water,
I almost fell into the gutter.
It is a character i possess,
My goodness, strong enough to get me immersed, into captivity.
Shy negativity.

For a while, it was fine.
In another mile, i had lied.
To myself, i thought they were tight.
Not my fault, i have been thrown a dart.
Swinging, was my game.
I had been played,

When they came,
I pause to take.
How would they feel?
I cannot say Adieu,
Like they have got flu.
So i resort to be good,
By saying i would be with you.
In me, it could not last.

To throw such a lying blast!
And when i decide to turn around,
More blood has been spilled about.

It hurt like hell,
On both sides.
From the beginning,
And then to the end
I will learn to take that note.
If i don’t, you will cry on your way home.
And wish i had said it before.

So i tore a piece,
Just to make peace.
With you, with myself.
Do not come back for more!
You are such a crazy sort.
You gush out like water, ready to fall into gutter?

This character i will detest.
My bad, strong enough to make it rest.
And get me first away from captivity,
End of this ability,
Shy negativity.


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