The sun is set on high,
Is it the way you talk?
Or the richness in your walk?
What happened when our eyes met?
Locked forever, this is going weird.

Touch me,
It is what I want.
Hold me still,
Let me feel the passion in your embrace
So I can let down my love and fate.

There is a passion unleashed,
Words cannot express,
Until I be filled.
Kiss me one time,
Before I die a fourth time.

I am in distress,
How can I love another,
When I am still in love?
How should I live this lie,
Knowing I would be on leave?

Take away this torment,
Cleanse me of this sin,
And let me rest on your shoulders of love.
For I am heavily flawed.
But I’ll be saved on your love.

Where is my lover?
Take me to your corners,
Let me bury deep within you,
Where I will feel no loss,
Just the scent of your skin.

We would bear fruits of love,
Radiant in the night’s glow.
Telling of how deeply we roll
And wonderful that could be.
Behold! My heart spurs.

Woe unto me for these thoughts!
I am heading towards plain wrath,
My worst distraction succumb i.
Pulling back for goodness sake,
For my lover’s sake.

He got my head spinning.
I am dizzy, I see not.
What is on your mind?
How do you feel?
Do our hearts strike the same chord?

I will tell of this day!
Remember, love your hair,
Love his too.
In your silence, I found words.
A lover’s rant buried inside my heart.

Pour it in a jar,
Take it to a tank,
Empty me of this lover’s stank.
My lover’s rant ,
Something I cannot brag.

I am on an island of thought,
Right across the lawn,
I must leave at once,
And drop you this note of love.
Coming right from my heart.

For I am deeply in love,
Yet out of love, I love.


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