Like Em..50 Shades Of Me.

Like a film:

Dreaming Movies Now?


Have you ever played a scene in your head and see it happen live? Or sleeping after watching a movie only to see yourself acting in the dream?

How does that happen? I cannot tell.
Some time ago, i read a writer say he dreamt about movies. Then i begin to wonder whether those scenes i saw in my dreams means me dreaming movies too! And i always discard them of course until recently.

I didn’t watch a movie before going to bed, didn’t even think about one yet i dreamt one. Like a film. Or is it supposed to be a message from God or something? Someone help me out here.

Have you ever dreamt something that looks like a film?

Screaming it again! F*** it.

i need like 1million views here and 2milliom shares. I promised not to scream.
-SCREAMS- more readership and drag that cursor to share mehn! Must i beg all over again? It’s tiring.

Muse Gon AWOL!

Where is my mama muse huh?

i really cannot tell where it went these days, it is not a question of what to post but of what exactly…. Oho! What am i saying? Okay i am not feeling myself that’s why!

STOP adding me to groups on Facebook,

i’ll kill you! Arrggggh…




i need a new phone!
This one misbehaves big time. Who is up?

Federal Government! You are joking with me.

Pay our 19800, we are dying of poverty
Heheeeeeheeeee…. Then i heard rumours of non payment for three months .. That would be death sentence plus going the hell back home!

Who invented Twitter?

Gosh! Follow me i follow you? Can it get any better? Maybe when i have a million followers.

Yes, i am Tall, like Tall…

Don’t remind me. Makes you look so silly, just leave me alone okay? Tall is beautiful, if you ain, try and eat more beans or …. Well? Stretch or something.

Cheers baby! Tall i is 'beauriful'
Cheers baby! Tall i is ‘beauriful’

Nigerians can be very funny!

I sent a broadcast but you still need a prompt. You send your broadcast, i scan through it, learn a thing or two.
Seriously? Are you for real? You want to tell me you didn’t see the BC?

Arrrgh! Nonsense!

That’s the same thing you do on Facebook!
You want me to tag, i hate tags! Why da hell do i have to tag before it spreads… You want to say you never saw it?

Thank you Benin City!

For ruining all my shoes!
When i am supposed to be ‘lounging’  in my possessions.


Instead,  with your unstable weather, you rain everyday, even at midnight and wee hours..   Now i walk barefoot with style.

Me when i am back from work, going to open my door.

October was really very slow.


Linda ikeji and her 5m banana island house. It’s okay honey.

I am not jealous at all… I mean what is the fuss?  She is cool buh …well? Entertainment blogger, na so Nigerians take like yeye gist, bad reading culture! I never really think about her so…oh
Life is turn by turn na… Wetin i wan talk again. I get my banana island for my room.

God dey.

I am tired of reading this book!

So boring and interesting!

So that reminds me, what is going to be for breakfast tomorrow?


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