Usher Girl #1.


The hall was getting cold, Rachel rubbed her palms together to keep warm and stared in frustration at the Air Conditioner, she was tempted to leave her spot. She badly needed to turn it off.

The hall manager walked towards her, she could visualize, her head screaming ‘turn that damn thing off!” but she couldn’t dare.

“Good afternoon” she mumbled. Madam T must not see her making conversation; that woman came from hell.

“Goo-ood noon” the hall manager replied stressing the “good”.

“Please can you turn off that AC, it is getting too cold in here, I am freezing. Rachel pointed across her.

“Yes please, turn it off or something” a lady seated at the table put in.

“I’ll see what I can do” he chuckled and headed towards the it.

“Yes oh, we are freezing!” the second lady with the armless shiffon top muttered.
So they were feeling it too, Rachel thought.

She looked at both ladies, the first one was on red heels, it didn’t quite sit right on her toes. She was very chatty and friendly and had beckoned to her to move away from the AC but Rachel knew better. She would rather freeze than let madam T deduct a thousand naira from her fee.

Rachel didn’t like the other lady, no wonder she had a big mouth and appeared nosy. She stared at Rachel from head to toe, mumbled something to her friend and laughed. Rachel sensed she was talking about her freezing in the hall because she kept rubbing her palms and tightening her muscles to fight off the cold.

The guest were strolling in, there was a couple who picked up a wineglass from a serving boy as they walked round looking for the right seats, Rachel didn’t like her spot at all. The young men and women were always stingy at events unlike the old papas and mamas who gave out money for being a faithful usher at their beck and call. There was no gain for her standing on this spot, instead, she was going to work her ass off because the young men and women were demanding.

“Hey you! What is this?” madam T barked, jeering her off .

To be continued…


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