Before I Go Mad…

He actually followed me to the bus atop asking and begging for my number, my body is different, i was made on a special day…this that, he needs to call me. I stubbornly refused to give him my number, whats the point? Am i not back again here? Benin Men! This is the second time one hard headed Benin guy is bent on having my number. They don’t understand No.

Remember this post? Benin Men Are Ridiculous? Scroll down the blog.

I told you Benin Men are indeed ridiculous. I was walking and I saw two guys ahead of me, I hurried, close enough, I had to wait for them to pass the bridge but then they turned and noticed me, they greeted and then … I just knew it! My face was taut, not smiling. Yet, one of the guys said he knows me from one church PCM. What’s that? He said I was now ignoring him..  I didn’t bother to answer, the crap was looking for conversation obviously. Besides, I am really tired of this place.

Those times I talked about my 25 days in Edo… I don dey tire for here oh… I can’t explain it. Before i go mad, What are those things I did whenever I was bored and miserable back home?

1. Take a walk down the street or by the road: it is so unfortunate that there are no real streets here, I mean the streets are upside down, linking to many places at once, so where do I want to start from? And if i get lost? Oh please! The roads are bad with potholes and ditches…and before I get to the main road where I can watch the fancy cars pass by? Il probably walk back home alone with the night watchmen- I wouldn’t dare! because by 7pm, the shops starts to close and everyone hurries inside their homes, no night life, no flashing cars, no streets lamps, its all dark and gravy, I will probably never enjoy the walk. Bad idea.

2. Visit a friend: hmmm hmmm… Emm, you see, visiting is not an issue, it is travelling for the visit. The distances from place to place is like a long stretch, from Nigeria to America! So if I leave home by 4pm, I’ll get to my destination by 6pm and how many minutes will I spend with friends unless I sleep over? Everyone is just far away, Benin is wide like something. Nothing like taking a stroll three blocks away to say hello to ya friend.
That’s not all. Visiting a friend here is kinda boring! Yes. Everybody is broke we hear everyday and you cannot have fun alone, that’s like death sentence because you will die of the boredom alone. Who even does that? So when you ask ya friends what’s happening this weekend..? they be looking like nothing and you be like help me before I go mad! So on second thought, it is another bad idea.

3: Watch a movie in laptop or go to cinemas: yes, i know watching movies in Kada is just 500hundred naira with ya Corp member ID card but then what! The place is just there, I watch movies and then what? Walk around the complex? Or watch the whole movie collection for the day and then go back home more miserable than before. I mean home is boring. Okay. Scene two, I pick up my lappy and watch a movie, ask me how many movies I got and how many have I watched?…and I laugh at myself, barely 19mins into the film and I am fast asleep, especially at night. I am like that. Then I wake up in the middle of the night and start to think or check updates on my phone till I drift back to sleep. Movies? Nah! I’ll pass.

4. Get really weird and crazy: My other way of having fun but…. There is something about this place that just isn’t it. Nah…nah…

5. Chat Away: lately, this seems to be the only thing that keeps me sometimes. I have few contacts on this device and I refuse to buy internet sub on the other where I have plenty contacts, scary lot especially the Bcs. I resort to Facebook and run away because my wall is swimming in notifications more than I can handle. Twitter? Sorry! I hate twitter but i just have to learn to like it. The idea of follow me i follow you sounds silly to me. So this? Cancelled!

So what now?
Catch me buried in my personals!


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