‘Hello’ …and The Man In Uniform.

Monday Musings.

Hello, remember me?
I was wondering if after all this years, Nigerians still do not embrace reading.

To go over every stats on my blog, I have my lovely foreigners swimming on my sub.

Hello Nigerians, can you hear me?
I am in Benin City dreaming of how you can make me soar.

There’s such a difference between when you read( yeah my stats says you do) and when you comment with me.

Okay. Cut!

I have been listening to Adele’s Hello song because I want to use it for my singing lessons. i sing, yeah! Pretty deep song.
Then I moved to Jessie J’s Master piece. I posted that on Facebook.
Facebook Add: Enny Cole.

I have plenty, I mean plenty writers as friends on my list and everyday, my wall swings in heavy notifications. My Facebook Account is a very active one. So I posted Jessie J’s song and it was a nice feedback. *raises hand in the air *

I wrote five poems yesterday. Funny and crazy poems, i mean i am going nuts these days. I don’t wanna be normal and ordinary. One I collaborated with a lovely friend of mine. It’s all on Facebook.  I’ll share it later here.
I am supposed to do a writing duet with another guru writer of mine, plus did I tell you I am working on my book? I am having the middle block right now but well? I’ll sail.
And I just finished the 10values series updates. What a relief. Feedback was pretty cool.

On the other side… let me share you a story.
Some months back, the Batch C corp members did their passing out parade, as a member of editorial /publicity CDs group, now vice president, we had to be there to grace the occasion and of course WORK!

To be precise, we worked tirelessly  in the hot sun, I was as black as charcoal sweating like I had been dipped in hot steaming bath, in fact, my natural hair didn’t help matters. I was sweating inside my hair! All said and done, we proceeded to go home in one of our coordinator’s car. When we got to the parking lot, cars were packed in such a way that we had no way to move out. We had to wait for the owners of the cars.

Shortly, two men on uniform came to stand beside a car talking, one of them, the one with the lesser rank opened the door of the car. We were glad the car would be moved. A friend of mine said the owner had arrived, I saw someone trying to pick something from the car and I am like ” Are you sure that’s the owner of the car?” I asked absent mindedly.

The second man in uniform whom I later discovered owned the car felt offended and said rudely if he wasn’t befitting to have a car!
Nigerians, please tell me why he should be offended. I was still absent minded because I never heard. The same friend who had announced the car owner’s arrival told me.

By this time, the man had angrily left without moving his car. It was when I turned and saw him walking off that I stood perplexed when my friend told me what he said and because of that he refused to move his car.

To me, I felt that was the highest call of pride and lack of integrity. Because someone said an harmless statement that wasn’t even meant for him, his pride was wounded. Perhaps because he was on uniform… who cares about his uniform?
I wish I could talk to him personally to have wisdom. What does it matter if someone thinks he owns the car or not? And it was even a question asked. He could just have said..” it’s my car alright” and that’s all!

Unfortunately for his ass, barely seconds after he left, another car owner came and moved her car to let us pass.
Pride goes before a fall I guess.
And yes, it was ridiculous to be vexed over such statement. Typical of a reactive person and not a proactive one.

Have a lovely week ahead..
More post coming.



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