I know some broken pieces shattered somewhere deep within,
Buried,  melted like wax, tearing in.
Stars and darts across me,
Weary in time, forgive me.

Somewhere lies a shine so bright,
But these things weigh a ton alright.
Sweeping through faces, hate this!
I died many times,
And rose only at a time.

She went away for so long, 
He left me without a word.
And longing in hate for my hidden  thoughts
Boxed up, cocooned, bruised and broken.
Sitting on the edge of life for a token.

These things are true.
Struggling to be on my feet,
My heart melted at so much deceit
Life had thrown it’s dart
And I had caught it on my left heart

It dwindled, swayed and broke a part,
I fought and I am on the edge of conquering not
Let me see how I push farther still
And leave the broken heart
Without ever letting it show

To heal.


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