African Time Mentality Story.


You are excited to have gotten a lead on a job, you need it because you are tired of being unproductive. It’s not like you are entirely unproductive, you have  some personals going on but you need a push called ‘actual work’. It could save up time when you are busy lazying about the house.

You got to the scene of the job interview, what did he say was the job offer again? A presenter job, don’t you love to talk? Yes you do. Remember you passed the test after sending a voice recording of a supposed talk show. Your lead thought it was pretty cool but you needed  the main boss to decide.
He said to get there by 9am. You love to keep to time, get to business and be done with, after all this was an interview that could fetch  a job, money speaking.

You began to dream about the possibilities, you are a big dreamer and a good chaser, you spread all the obvious and  played it in your head. You got there some minutes passed 9am, you wished you had gotten there a earlier and promise to apologize for the lateness, traffic was not an excuse.

What shocked you was the venue, it wasn’t a studio, no. It was a pretty looking posh hair salon. “What’s this?” You cannot comprehend but then you always love to see the end before making your conclusions so you waited and waited till eternity. You tried interacting with some of the girls working there to get an hint of exactly what the job was but to no avail. By 10am another girl, a job candidate walked in, she didn’t seem to worry about coming late. You both waited. You were getting impatient and the TV that kept you a little busy with its showbiz was not appealing to you anymore. You scan the place, it was all about hair, quite fanciful, for a hair basin or was it a washer that you saw?

You mused. It made the customer lean back in a relaxed way while the hair was washed. You looked at pictures on the wall, the girls were fine in their different hairstyles, you checked your watch, no, you didn’t wear a wrist watch so you checked your phone for the time. It’s 12noon, you call your lead. Again.
“What’s happening?  I have been waiting since” you declared.
“He is coming”. the voice on the other line replied.
You waited again. Someone,  a guy came and told you the boss would soon be on his way. You marveled and remarked. “So he has only started his journey? ”

You are getting pissed. You thought about how people do not value time. What kind of man would  keep someone waiting for hours just for a job interview? Who the hell does he think he is, delaying your life, putting it on hold like he own it. You could be doing something else. Writing or maybe reading! In fact lazying about on your android phone was better off! The other girl seemed relaxed, you watched her and shook your head, she talked a little about the job, you are uninterested. A woman came and talked to you and her, said something about the job, they needed replacement for a woman who just put to bed and is leaving a particular show she host. Fine! That’s cool. Let’s get on with it. No, you have to wait for the boss. One man.

It is already 2pm. You are mentally exhausted just from waiting in unfamiliar territory, you walked outside with the girl, the other guy kept saying the boss was coming. You thought about your transport fare and the stress coming all the way, you approached the woman selling fried plantain and bought some to stop your tommy from tearing apart. You checked your watch, looked towards the hair salon gate and crossed the road, you are going the hell home and no one is stopping you. You were very vexed. You got to the bus stop, about boarding the bus when your lead calls.

The boss just arrived.

Hell! You don’t give a hoot! You are not going back. That boss or whatever he is lacks discipline  and doesn’t value time or even people. Who the hell does he think he is? You are not desperate, you muttered. The girl may probably never get the job anyways. This is Nigeria and in this game, they needed competition, like a thousand. They always do, the boss was probably killing time, waiting for more fishes to come, he must have heard you were only two, just saying.

But you have been there before, during your modeling days. If competition  ain’t up to a thousand and they haven’t ‘tested’ all the girls, there ain’t gonna be any show. And the organisers never keep to time. 9am meant 1pm. It was always yes, always a waste of time. So you knew and really hated it. You were going to lash out on your lead when you got home. On BBM.

Wadup people! Welcome to Naija. Where African time mentality time thrives. Let me explain to my lovely foreign subs, you see.. if you need to attend an interview, occasion or even a party and they tell you time is 8am to start. Don’t disturb yourself rushing and thinking you would miss anything. Get there 12 midnight next day, that’s when they would get started. Event planners are also not helping neither are the people events are planned for. While the event planner or organizer relies on African time to start an event, the person(s) to attend such event also stick to African time knowing the event won’t start until they have arrived. Look, if your guests refuse to be on seat by 10am sharp or a little past, please by all means start your event! Let them come and meet the party over. And if you come on time and the event hasn’t started,  please approach the organizers or planners, enmasse preferably and shout on their heads, talk some sense about  timing to them. Better still, my favourite, threaten to spoil the show… ( oops! You didn’t hear that from me).

Why don’t you start an event at exactly the time you say it would start? And if at all circumstances change, time should only be affected by just a little past the actual time! Stop killing the value of time and please do value time. Let your 8am be 8am! Thank you!

This mentality has eaten so deep that it happens just everywhere and anywhere. The mindset is always “it won’t start on time or we would get there, African time things” please wake up. Time is very essential and the clock is ticking, counting days into years where it reminds us of how much we achieved or didn’t. You say time is money but never live up to it. Time is precious and should be strictly adhered to for maximum outputs.

Let’s stop this african time mentality. Africa doesn’t have or create time. Time is time in itself. Simple!

Have you ever been a victim of the African time mentality or had an experience surrounding it? please do hit the comment box and share. This post MAY also be updated to share people’s African time mentality.

Time I drop this pen.


10 thoughts on “African Time Mentality Story.

  1. @Enny but I wouldn’t concur totally advising someone to go late for all job interview cos not all are time waster. i’ve experienced whr timing affected interviewee.

    However that being said, my own experience is quite similar cos it was an interview too but worse in that it came with degrading as I would termed it.

    It happened some months back while looking for a better place to be much more productive and garnered experience preferably in d media field where my interest lies.

    I was able to get a popular media outfit contact online and luckily for me, I got an appointment for an interview by 10am the next day.

    The d-day came and I was right thr on time before 10am, met the P.A to d Chairman who happens to be a popular media personality/veteran. I spoke to d P.A of my appointment with dchairman, gave him my CV for d chairman’s peruse. Thought itwas going to be a sharp sharp thing but i got a shocking encounter.

    The chairman was around and knew of my presence before 10am and delayed me unjustly for over 4hrs before attending to me. And when he eventually did, he didn’t attend to me in person but was communicating to me tru a written note being given to his P.A and I would have to reply him in that same manner. At the end of the day, what ended it was come back tomorrow and d tomorrow it kept getting worse sitting for over 6hrs and if he eventually steps out of his office, it would be come back again. What he could have easily informed me on phone or tru his P.A

    The experience wasn’t palatable at all cos I kept writing on d spot written interview, script writing, news story etc to no avail and wasted my resources on t.fare, my timeand energy.

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    1. Such annoying encounter! And yes of course, going to interview late doesn’t apply to all situations. What matters most is upholding the value called time. Keeping to time in any situation one comes across. Thanks Mofe for your sharing experience.


  2. African Time Mentality has really eaten deep into us, Africans, especially we Nigerians. I’ve heard many experience of such. Rendezvous, lectures, meetings and so on.

    But I’d like to share a single one. It happened back then in camp when we were supposed to be sworn in. The time slated for the swearing in ceremony was 10am.

    Before 9am, the soldiers have already summoned us out in the parade ground under the scorching sun of Niger state. The sun in Niger state can be wicked, it actually competes with the heat of hell, tho I’ve not been there.

    Dressed in our oversized and a fewer trimmed uniform, we stood at attention waiting for the governor to come and swear us in. Most of us weren’t exposed to such climatic condition and the ‘punishment’ of standing for hours.

    Exhausted already, we still stood waiting excruciatingly for the almighty to arrive, the god that would swear us into “earthly heaven”. The time was 12pm and no sign of the governor nor any sound of his siren blaring. Some minutes past 12pm, after almost 20 coprs member have already slumped and swooned because of the harsh weather, waiting for the almighty that was supposed to come by 10am, a guy behind me tapped me and said, ” bros, i no fit stand this thing again….” before he could finish, i was frightened with what i saw. An able bodied guy, six feet above the earth and heavily built, slumped before my very eyes. I called out to the red cross personnel in a shaky voice and before they could come, the guy went limb and unconscious.

    It was my first experience, first time i saw a human being unconscious. It was a frightening experience. He was rushed to the mobile clinic there that took him directly to the nearest hospital in town, and just then, the almighty siren was heard, their drove in and walked majestically like we weren’t human that he kept waiting for hours.

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  3. African time is a sad sad menace in our society. The fact that a sane human can decide to come after a fixed time for an appointment/meeting/gathering because he/she believes it won’t start on time is just pure madness. Sadly, it is now the normal in our time.

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